Drumroll please

After 7 days of voting, I’ve got an average score of…..

TWO POINT THREE out of 5. Wonder if it’s because of the spelling fail.

Anyway that’s pretty decent for my standards. In fact, that is the highest score I ever got on threadless. The funny thing is from brainstorming to execution, it was also one of the fastest design I’ve done.

I’ll definitely revisit this idea and get it up on to redbubble. Right now I’m preparing my next submission. I’ve been sitting on it for quite some time, got distracted by my grad trip and lost all my momentum. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish it up by this week.


2 responses to “Drumroll please”

  1. royalhighness says :

    i think its because of the failspelling. noob! lets go jb for our long-awaited makan berlanja by mr mao.

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