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A Walk Down Memory Lane

As mentioned in an earlier post, I had planned to challenge the theme of nostalgia with a trip around my neighborhood. It was a wonderful feeling visiting these seemingly mundane places which holds so many precious memories.  Awesome memories of those carefree days as a kid.

For this roll, it’s my UWS camera (that’s the only one I have, wouldn’t mind donations to add to my collection!) and a Lomo Color Slide/X-pro 200 ISO film. X-pro stands for cross processing which brings out a certain effect in the photos. Picked out a few of my favorites for this roll, with the rest over in my Facebook account. I still can’t be arsed to set up a Flickr account. :S

Enjoy and vote for your fave piece on the left!

#1 Ahh kindergarten days. Remember crying my balls out on my 1st day, ” WHAYYYYY!! I DON’T WANNA GO TO SCHOOL!!!! WHAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…”

#2 The mama shop where I acquired my taste for tidbits has really become a 7-11 franchise! ):

#3 My old stomping ground

#4 I can still hear the sound of me and my brothers thundering up and down the corridors in my head.

#5 Waking up late and running across the bridge to make it to softball practice can be sucha bitch.

#6 Where my Primary school used to be, now stands an empty space.

#7 Soccer on basketball court was pure ecstasy

#8 I can never forget the distinct smell of these berries and how they left getting girly purple stains on my pristine white shoes.

#9 Where I used to hang out and pass the time when I played hooky

Before I knew it, I had finished up all 36 shots. Loaded up another roll and carried on shooting. Look out for part 2 when I finally get that roll processed.

On a totally related note. I dug out my kindergarten class photo. Spot me if you can!



If you have been paying attention/stalking me on Facebook/hiding under my bed, you would have noticed I’ve recently taken an interest in Lomography. I duly took a plunge after some intensive research by purchasing a Superheadz UWS camera. It’s a very simple and basic model which is a good stepping stone into the world of lomo.

I took it out on a few occasions for a test shot using Lomo Fine Color 100 negative film. Took shots of random locations in addition to others taken while on my weekend outings with Jady. I shall let the photos do the talking..

#1 Took my 1st ever shot near sunset. Love how the sun rays are peeping thru.

#2 Back view of Mum and Dad making their way home from the carpark after a long day at my convocation.

#3  Day at the park with my partner in crime in tow.

#4 Made our way to the waterfront in anticipation of the cool breeze blowing against our face…

#5 Nope. No breeze. Just sun. Lots of it.

# 6 Dog tired

#7 Jady takes a stand and refuses to move away from the shade

#8 Trudging along back home

Well that’s about the few highlights from my debut roll. You can check out the rest on my Facebook. Comments and critiques are very much welcome! You can also vote for your fave photo from this series on the poll to the left.

With that I bid you guys a nice weekend ahead. Last but not least…

#9 Jady says bye!

Coon versus Chaos

Here it is! Finally. I’ve been working on this for the longest time and I’m proud to present the epic fight scene of The Coon against Professor Chaos.

If you’re not familiar with these characters, you’re missing out BIG TIME. They are characters from South Park.

Okay I had the same misconception about the show, namely a mindless show peppered with juvenile swearing and poor animation. But my roomie, Mr Goh Chin Chun had me hooked on it and I have never looked back since.

Nuff said, if you have the time check the episode out over here.

Buy/view/snort at the shirt over here.

So with this. I leave you with a screenshot of The Coon and Prof Chaos in action.

Can I offer you a Coke or a Sprite or something?


Voting has commenced for a redbubble challenge I’ve entered! It is organised by the Tee HQ group and the winning entry will be used as the group’s new Avatar.

My entry is “Look Mum, No Hands!” which I think is one of my better recent works. (Yes, yes I know I’ve been lazy)

Anyhoo, if you guys are not too busy, sign up as a redbubble member here and vote away! It is design #12.

Hurry! Voting ends in 14 days!!!

let’s rewind

Something to look forward to for the coming weekend. Thought of a photography theme while I was finishing up my roll today.


Gonna pay a visit to my favourite haunts when I was still a wee kid. Here is my itinerary.

X marks my starting point: home.

My 1st stop will be the mama shop I frequent when I was still staying at my old place. Which was like 6 blocks away from my current place. Anw I heard that it has now become a 7-11 franchise. 😦 Still I’m gonna see it for myself.

Next up will be my alma mater: Bedok Town Primary School. Wonder if it has been tore down yet. It was still there after the school closed down eons ago.

Next will be the row of shops right opposite the school. Used to hang around there, buying football stickers and dragon ball z cards from the stationery store, having my meals at the kopi thiam. Wonder if any of them are still left. Hmm..

Ah 4th stop is the basketball court where I honed my football skills, chasing down the plastic ball that cost $1.30 like it’s made of gold. Awesome days.

Last but not least a couple of playgrounds which made me remember my silly days as a kid.

I can’t wait for weekends to come soon enough! And I gotta develop my 1st roll!

So many things to look forward to! Wheeeee!

Now to pray for a sunny weekend.

pictures. thousand words.

Been busy with stuffs that I rather not be busy with and of course my new design. I’m taking forever to get it done. It’s so darn hard and I keep finding myself wandering off, doing mindless Internet surfing.

That is when I stumble across this blog which is like an emo version of fml.

It’s the images that did it for me.

Hokay. That’s pretty much how far I got. Only the 1st page. Getting abit too emo for my liking.

Back to work then. Woots.

The Bug

Nay… It’s not a new design. In fact, I have not been working on any new tee designs for the past week. Been busy on a side project, helping a (pain in an ass of a) friend do some simple illustrations for his website. Will post the final outcome once everything is done. Stay tuned for some 81 x 80 of pixels goodness.

On a non design related note, weekends have been great. Managed to bring Jady out for a walk, took some pics on my new toy. Hopefully the prints will end up okay, especially since it’s my 1st ever roll of film.

The poor fat dog ended up pretty zonked out after barely an hour. Tried giving her water during the walk but she acted tough and refuse to have any. In the end…

had to cool her off with a wet towel, giving her massages in the air con room with the fan blowing at the fastest speed.

That’s my Saturday sorted. Sunday night was spent celebrating Ruixin’s birthday with Chin Chun at a Jap restaurant. Awesome food and all. Been a while since I seen both of them, did some catching up. Some cos somebody was too lazy to go through her long stories.

Anyhoo. Happy 18th RX! (Or so she claims)