let’s rewind

Something to look forward to for the coming weekend. Thought of a photography theme while I was finishing up my roll today.


Gonna pay a visit to my favourite haunts when I was still a wee kid. Here is my itinerary.

X marks my starting point: home.

My 1st stop will be the mama shop I frequent when I was still staying at my old place. Which was like 6 blocks away from my current place. Anw I heard that it has now become a 7-11 franchise. 😦 Still I’m gonna see it for myself.

Next up will be my alma mater: Bedok Town Primary School. Wonder if it has been tore down yet. It was still there after the school closed down eons ago.

Next will be the row of shops right opposite the school. Used to hang around there, buying football stickers and dragon ball z cards from the stationery store, having my meals at the kopi thiam. Wonder if any of them are still left. Hmm..

Ah 4th stop is the basketball court where I honed my football skills, chasing down the plastic ball that cost $1.30 like it’s made of gold. Awesome days.

Last but not least a couple of playgrounds which made me remember my silly days as a kid.

I can’t wait for weekends to come soon enough! And I gotta develop my 1st roll!

So many things to look forward to! Wheeeee!

Now to pray for a sunny weekend.


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