If you have been paying attention/stalking me on Facebook/hiding under my bed, you would have noticed I’ve recently taken an interest in Lomography. I duly took a plunge after some intensive research by purchasing a Superheadz UWS camera. It’s a very simple and basic model which is a good stepping stone into the world of lomo.

I took it out on a few occasions for a test shot using Lomo Fine Color 100 negative film. Took shots of random locations in addition to others taken while on my weekend outings with Jady. I shall let the photos do the talking..

#1 Took my 1st ever shot near sunset. Love how the sun rays are peeping thru.

#2 Back view of Mum and Dad making their way home from the carpark after a long day at my convocation.

#3  Day at the park with my partner in crime in tow.

#4 Made our way to the waterfront in anticipation of the cool breeze blowing against our face…

#5 Nope. No breeze. Just sun. Lots of it.

# 6 Dog tired

#7 Jady takes a stand and refuses to move away from the shade

#8 Trudging along back home

Well that’s about the few highlights from my debut roll. You can check out the rest on my Facebook. Comments and critiques are very much welcome! You can also vote for your fave photo from this series on the poll to the left.

With that I bid you guys a nice weekend ahead. Last but not least…

#9 Jady says bye!


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2 responses to “Virginroll”

  1. themichaellamcollection says :

    Good work, I rather like the effect you got from the sun in #8, it adds a little spice to an already well composed image.

    • jusstdesserts says :

      Thank you Michael! You got some awesome stuff going on at your blog. Makes me wanna go on a beach holiday so bad.

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