A Walk Down Memory Lane

As mentioned in an earlier post, I had planned to challenge the theme of nostalgia with a trip around my neighborhood. It was a wonderful feeling visiting these seemingly mundane places which holds so many precious memories.  Awesome memories of those carefree days as a kid.

For this roll, it’s my UWS camera (that’s the only one I have, wouldn’t mind donations to add to my collection!) and a Lomo Color Slide/X-pro 200 ISO film. X-pro stands for cross processing which brings out a certain effect in the photos. Picked out a few of my favorites for this roll, with the rest over in my Facebook account. I still can’t be arsed to set up a Flickr account. :S

Enjoy and vote for your fave piece on the left!

#1 Ahh kindergarten days. Remember crying my balls out on my 1st day, ” WHAYYYYY!! I DON’T WANNA GO TO SCHOOL!!!! WHAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…”

#2 The mama shop where I acquired my taste for tidbits has really become a 7-11 franchise! ):

#3 My old stomping ground

#4 I can still hear the sound of me and my brothers thundering up and down the corridors in my head.

#5 Waking up late and running across the bridge to make it to softball practice can be sucha bitch.

#6 Where my Primary school used to be, now stands an empty space.

#7 Soccer on basketball court was pure ecstasy

#8 I can never forget the distinct smell of these berries and how they left getting girly purple stains on my pristine white shoes.

#9 Where I used to hang out and pass the time when I played hooky

Before I knew it, I had finished up all 36 shots. Loaded up another roll and carried on shooting. Look out for part 2 when I finally get that roll processed.

On a totally related note. I dug out my kindergarten class photo. Spot me if you can!


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