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Chunkfest ’10

Harlow boys and girls! Recently got my roll of expired Velvia 100F developed. My 1st set from the roll comprised of shots from Chunkfest. A day of sinful ice cream, glorious weather and awesome company. Enjoy!

#1 An uptrousers shot of our dear founding father. We should have one for Mr Farquahar too. At least for the sake of his childish-giggle-inducing name.

#2 After walking for what seems like an eternity, 3 of us finally reached the promised land and settle down for ice cream and grand sights.

#3 Put my incredibly solid, crazily well defined abs to good use by leaning back and taking this shot of Clarrisa and Shufang. I should photoshop Chin Chun in..

#4 Having a lie down on the canvas yielded me this shot. Morale of the story: lie down more.

That’s about it for this set. Check out the rest from this set over here.

P.S. Stay tuned for part 2 of A Walk Down Memory Lane from the same roll. Meanwhile, be cool and stay in school.



the words that we didn’t spoke,

the time we didn’t spend,

some things you just wished you had done differently.

my only consolation is that you’re in a much better place.

Use Somebody

Been a while since my last post. Been busy with a bunch of stuffs, brainstorming, laying on my lazy bum and having a semblance of a life.

Have not got round on any new designs lately, although I took a few shots last week at Chunkfest. Still got a fair bit of shots left on my film so I’ve got nothing to show for now. Also been thinking of my next investment already…

Anyway, chanced upon this cover while browsing random videos on Youtube. Must admit I didn’t like Kings of Leon for no apparent reason and ‘Use Somebody’ being overplayed on radio irritated the crap outta me.

However, I absolutely love Paramore’s version.

Ohhh.. ohhhhh.. ohh…oh..oh..