Chunkfest ’10

Harlow boys and girls! Recently got my roll of expired Velvia 100F developed. My 1st set from the roll comprised of shots from Chunkfest. A day of sinful ice cream, glorious weather and awesome company. Enjoy!

#1 An uptrousers shot of our dear founding father. We should have one for Mr Farquahar too. At least for the sake of his childish-giggle-inducing name.

#2 After walking for what seems like an eternity, 3 of us finally reached the promised land and settle down for ice cream and grand sights.

#3 Put my incredibly solid, crazily well defined abs to good use by leaning back and taking this shot of Clarrisa and Shufang. I should photoshop Chin Chun in..

#4 Having a lie down on the canvas yielded me this shot. Morale of the story: lie down more.

That’s about it for this set. Check out the rest from this set over here.

P.S. Stay tuned for part 2 of A Walk Down Memory Lane from the same roll. Meanwhile, be cool and stay in school.


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One response to “Chunkfest ’10”

  1. themichaellamcollection says :

    Love #1 and #4, very nice shots.

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