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2, Memoria Lane

Pardon me for this long overdue post! This is actually Part 2 of an earlier set “A Walk Down Memory Lane”. Got carried away snapping and duly reloaded my Superheadz with an expired Velvia 100F.

Once again, these are some of the places I hung out from way back. Back when my only means of transport is my own two legs and bus service 225. I miss those days…

And this is my only way of returning to those days.

#1 How can I ever forget this intimidating canal? I used to dread getting whished away by the fierce waters on rainy days. Come to think about it. I still do.

#2 Hooky Hideout #392. You look back and realised you did so many silly stuffs back then.

#3 Hands down my fave shot from this set. Loving the emo-ness and the dilapidated background.

#4 Fields of many memories. Got too engrossed having a kickabout and neglected our Primary school Chinese teacher who had organised an outing. Sorry Chen lao shi. Oh and we got a good thrashing from the uglier one during those JC days. Crap.

#5 Remember lying down on those lush greenery, looking up and all I see is falling leaves and fluffy clouds….

Ok I just made that up. I don’t wanna get crushed by bicycles while I’m lying down.

#6 I didn’t aim at all for this shot. Right after taking it, I was fretting and thinking that it’s gonna be a total disaster. Thankfully it turned out pretty good.

#7 Remember playing a blinder of a game here. The hot sun blazing. Squinting eyes. Naked torso. Feels just like yesterday.

#8 The old dame. Mum brought me here for my 1st ever movie. Think it was a HK action movie. “Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-taaaaa”

That’s pretty much it for this set. Check out the rest over here. Thanks for checking this out and feel free to drop any comments and critiques. Take care!