Red Date

My 1st experience with a Lomo Redscale Negative. This was on the Superheadz UWS (which is on the verge of breakdown, damn me and my clumsy ways) again. Nuff said, let’s jump straight into the pictures!

#1 Loving the pensive, super cereal look. Cerealiously.

#2 Still have no idea which one of us is this and who took this shot. Love the colour nonetheless.


#3 Instant favourite. There is just something about those empty benches.


#4 You know you just wanna jump right in. Go on. Do it.


#5 Let’s ride off into the sunset


#6 The perfect way to wind down the weekend (:


That’s about the best of the bunch from my virgin redscale roll. Some were slightly underexposed but it’s part and parcel of experimenting. It works really well in bright sunlight and has a richer burst of red compared to the Velvia 100. More like an orange burst. You get the idea.

Okay that’s the end of my post for all you regular readers out there. Go click on the address bar and go check out some food/porn/games, whatever is your poison. Or you can buy my stuff.  The below concerns none of you except for my special reader. No s. Move along now.





Shoo! Why are you still here?





Best candid shot ever!

Have fun and don’t miss me too much! Cya in a week’s time 😀

And if you are not the intended viewer of this picture, I suppose this is a just reward for your persistence. Congratulations.


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6 responses to “Red Date”

  1. huibin says :

    I miss u tooo!!!!!!

  2. analogawe says :

    redscale negative is such a great thing. effects are stunning! 😉

    • jusstdesserts says :

      Thanks! Yea it brings a different twist to the plate. I’ve got a few more rolls of redscale waiting for me to play with. Can’t wait!!

  3. huibin says :

    Anyway, u r the sweetest!!!!! Love u lots dd!!!!

    • jusstdesserts says :

      Hurry back from chennaland already!! Let’s not pda here. Later everyone puke in front of the com and claim compensation from me.

      Love youuuuu. Muacks muacks kissshhhhhhh.

  4. huibin says :

    Kissshhhhhhh x10000000000

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