Introducing the Minidi

Finally got my hands on the Diana Mini! What an awesome birthday gift, all thanks to THE girlfriend!! 😉

My 1st go on the Mini was a humbling experience. I could no longer just point and shoot at a whim like how I used to do it with my Superheadz UWS. Had to adjust the aperture, the mode, flash on/off and remember to wind to prevent accidental double exposure. You have to consider alot more things before taking the next pic. I didn’t and I lost a considerable amount of shots. The only saving grace was shooting the roll on half frame mode, so I had  more shots to choose from (or more shots to screw if you look at it the other way).

So I shall present to you the few presentable shots I have from this roll of Provia 400 which was cross processed. I took the liberty to crop some of the half frames as I thought they looked better on their own.

#1 Day out at Marina Barrage. Freaking. Packed.


#2 That’s us and the half frames I was talking about. Typically, a roll of 135mm film has 36 exposures. With half frames, you get 72. Double the exposures, double the fun (and lesser the pain for my wallet)


#3 Cute kid with an even cuter baby brother. You can spot him on all fours on the damp muddy patch.


#4 My attempt at double exposure. Didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped. Oh well I need to try harder next time.


#5 This I like! Just so happens the structure in both pictures kinda form a circle. And binbin’s expression is classic. Heh.


#6 I got caught in a rare moment of seriousness. No, I wasn’t playing games on my phone. I was checking directions. Cereal-ly!


#7 Rounding this series up with an awesome night shot of me. Well done bb!


I guess that is all that is worth showing from my 1st roll on the Mini. Hopefully, I can pick up from here and have better shots to share in the future.

Even though the results weren’t as good as I had hoped, I had lotsa fun scuttling about, taking pictures with bb. Thanks again for everything! You da best!

Not forgetting my friends for their birthday wishes and celebrations. Thank you guys!!



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2 responses to “Introducing the Minidi”

  1. arzki says :

    Very nice. Film rules!

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