Sam the Schizo Snowman

From what started as a blog to show my tee designs, I know it has been eons since my last one. This cannot go on as my hordes of fans will be so disappointed.

So what better way to make a comeback than dropping a new design just in time for Christmas? Yes! It’s a Christmas theme tee!! Rejoice people because this is my early Christmas gift to you!

Introducing Sam the Schizo Snowman….

Well, Sam has a problem. He is a schizo. One day, he cuts two hole into a purple rag and pretends he is Donatello. Some days, he puts on his Groucho Marx disguise. When he gets into a revolutionary mood, he dons a beret and transform into Che. And there is Gene Simmons from KISS, the Joker, Mickey, Mario and Kenny. These are just a few of his personalities.

If you will like to purchase this shirt (which will definitely make a perfect gift in my honest and definitely not biased opinion), you can do so over here. Over at the site, you can play with the tee shirt color and see how the design holds up in different colored background. You can view a larger version of the design too. Also, feel free to drop any comments if you think any of the characters look iffy. I can always make some changes and upload a new version, if I happen to agree with your suggestions.

Another reason why you should whip out your credit card right now is that redbubble is having a Christmas sale till 25th of December. There is a 20% discount on all white apparel. Find out more over here. I have some other designs that will look awesome in white which you guys may like to check it out. Remember, it’s free delivery if you order 4 or more t-shirts. So gather round all your friends and family for a mass order!

That is all I have for now. I’m gonna kick back and take a well deserved break. Till then. Cheers!


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