That’s the sound of your doodie crashing into the water which you had better get used to on Kukup. It is a small fishing village in nearby Malaysia where I recently had a short weekend getaway with binbin (and pesky colleagues in tow, ha!). Big shoutout to Darwin for organizing the trip and being a superduper attentive nanny.

As you would expect from a rural village, the whole 2 days were spent in a laidback manner, sort of like a retiree. In a nursing home with plenty of company. Albeit much more lively.

Of course I didn’t leave home without my cameras. Expended a whole roll of Solaris 100 (thanks lulu for the recommendation, love the colors) on the Superheadz UWS and some of Lucky 100 B&W on the Diana Mini. Let’s check out some of the photos I (and binbin) took.

#1 Upon arrival at Kukup, making our way to the restaurant to have a sumptuous lunch. Highlight of the meal? Coconut pudding for sure. No pic though.


#2 The sight that greeted us upon entering the backyard of our accommodation.


#3 Caught binbin sitting at the stairs leading out to the sea (or sewage), basking in the sun.


#4 My attempt at emo window shot. Fail.


#5 After a few rounds of mahjong, karaoke and teabreak we decided to take a walk round the neighbourhood. Pretty steep walkways I must say.


#6 Reached a platform and began snapping here, there everywhere as the sun sets to end a peaceful day.


#7 The next day, waiting for our boat to bring us to the kelong. Binbin the uber talented and sexy photographer took this awesome pic. I think the subject is part of the reason why this shot turned out so good.


#8 Boat came. Millions squeezed onto it. Thank god the kelong wasn’t too far away.


#9 Freakishly small feet must have been a prerequisite to stay in the kelong.


#10 Net overhead!


#11 After our harrowing experience at the kelong, we finally set foot on land and had lunch in a bustling restaurant. We then proceeded to the terminal for our bus home. Loving the symmetry in this pic.

Anyhoo, here are some of my conclusions from this trip.

1. It’s amazing the karaoke machine was on almost all the time. We sure have good stamina.

2. The UWS is an incredible camera.

3. I need to keep my fingers out of the lens range. I should probably stick a sticker behind the UWS to remind me.

4. I suck with the Mini. That makes me sad.

5. Mudskippers are so ewww.

6. Our neighbours have some unique dress sense.

7. Binbin and me totally rock at mahjong.

That’s all I have for this post. If you’re interested, check out the rest of this batch of pics on my flickr

Till next time! 😀


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