Celebrating Imperfection

Hi Lomo Lord from above, I have a confession to make…

Please forgive me. For I have sinned terribly by editing some of my photos.

In my defense, I did not add all those fanciful effects. Nor did I make my skin smoother or my chest bigger. I merely used that darn crop tool. I’ve been filled with guilt ever since that day I started.Yes I understand. I might as well throw my Lomo cams away. Just get a decent digital camera and edit the pictures or an iPhone Lomo app.

But..but… It’s all because of my absent mindedness, my fat fingers and the ultra wide lens of my Superheadz UWS.


All those awesome pics, ruined by those pesky pudgy intruders. I guess my only hope of redemption is to show the world all of my failures and imperfection.

Almighty Lomo Lord!! Please forgive me!

Blooper #1: Left index finger decides to get in the act of capturing cars flying by underneath me.


Blooper #2: This time is knuckles’ time to shine while I was busy trying to catch Jady sniffing around the pseudo Berlin Wall.


Blooper #3: Nice shot of the reservoir ruined by the right index this time around. Bummer.


Blooper #4: Well I have no freaking idea what fingers are those. Thumb? Index?? How did I even get them there???


Blooper #5: Clear skies. Blue sea. Sore thumb. Perfect.


Blooper #6: Fingers goes Kelong visiting


Blooper #7: Knuckles and friends.


Blooper #8: I’m saving the best for the last. Look at this. A whole freaking fist. I probably didn’t sinned here. This pic right here is uncroppable.

There is pretty more where those came from. In order to prevent fellow UWS owners and myself from making the same mistake, I have come up with something.

Hopefully, it will prevent others from falling by the wayside like me and I will finally be able to gain closure.

Stay tuned.


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