Keep Fingers Away From Lens

As I said in my previous post. I will be attempting to rid myself of the fat fingers syndrome for a shot at redemption. So here it is!

Tada! Yes! It’s a custom made sticker designed by me! I’m gonna stick it at the back of my UWS so whenever I am about to shoot, I shall be reminded to KEEP FINGERS AWAY FROM LENS!

Something about the design. It’s actually showing the back of the camera and the appropriate way to hold it (in my opinion) such that your fingers don’t get in the way. I used myself as the model for the reference picture.

Yea I know. Nice wallpaper.

Anyway I incorporated the design on a t-shirt, such that the color can be changed along with the shirt color. There is plenty of color choices. Like how the Superheadz UWS have an array of funky colors. Check them out!

Sweet huh. So if you’re an UWS owner stricken by fatfingernitis. Or you would like to own the t-shirt just for the heck of it. Check these stuffs out at my redbubble account.

For the tee, click here. Remember you can choose the tee color to match your UWS.

For the sticker, click here. Unfortunately, I only designed it in blue, since it matches my blue ribbon. If you would like it in any other color just drop a comment. I might just upload another version. Of course, you can also get this as a tee if it tickles your fancy.

Hopefully, this will be good enough to appease the almighty Lomo Lord. Amen.


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