A Christmas Post

Hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas. I sure had a blast. Woot woot!

Pictures say a thousand words, so yada yada..

Binbin trying on my self made Mankind mask. Yea. Christmas WWE Theme Party. Awesome or what?


My turn! My turn!!


Quiet Christmas Eve dinner followed by Udders ice cream 😀


Binbin with Sam the Schizo Snowman! The tee came too late and didn’t make it for Christmas though. 😦


Rock and Sock connection at Christmas WWE Theme Party. As you can see, Jon was pretty wary of Mr Socko.


The Superstars. From L-R.

Front row: Rey “Wee Loon” Mysterio, John “Hsi Hao” Cena, Mankind (me), Ivan Carlito.

Back row: Super “Nicholas” Mario, The “Chye” Undertaker, Paul “Joo” Bearer, Thai “Jiaxi” Boxer, Bret “Kah Guan” Hart, Triple H/Stone “Weihao” Cold, The “Jon” Rock.

Many more awesome photos and videos that are best kept away from the public eye.


That’s all from me. Thanks one and all for making this Christmas an ultra memorable one. Cheers!

Rock on to 2011! Whoopie!!






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