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The Tourist

No no no. This is not about that movie which I had the good sense not to watch. Before I begin the post proper, I just wanna explain my absence.

Computer died and holidays.

Mostly because the com died. Swear to god I’ll never buy an Acer product ever (shall save that rant for another day). As for holidays, I took an awesome trip to Krabi. Will post up the pics in the next post.

As for now, I shall post some long overdue pics when me and binbin played tourists and headed down to Chinatown to squeeze with the New-Year-goodies-hunting crowd. It was, to put it mildly, not our cup of tea. So we sought refuge in the Buddha Tooth Temple (pardon me I’m doing a direct translation here). It was fully air conditioned. Awesome or what?

Enough chatting. Let’s check out the picks of the pics.

#1 Look at that. Just look at that. Actually it doesn’t seems that bad here. That’s probably why I had the presence of mind to take a shot. Apparently nerdy girl thinks I’m taking a sneaky pic of her. Sheeshhhh


#2 So we trudged along, sweating profusely. That’s when we stumbled upon our lifesaver.


#3 Aircon Temple FTW!


#4 Took this on bulb mode. Pretty clear considering I didn’t use a tripod. But couldn’t get the angle I wanted. Bummer.


#5 Refreshed and satisfied, we moved along and came across this famous Hindu Temple. Sri Mariamman Temple (yes, I googled that). Pretty awe-inspiring expressions eh?


#6 Loving this shot of binbin in the dark, lonely alley. Hiak hiak.


#7 So we made it to An Siang Hill. Reminds me of my Freshmen Orientation’s Amazing Race. Dog tired.


#8 Ok, in case you’re wondering what the hell this is. Lemme explain. We came across another Chinese temple, the old school kind. Took some pics on my UWS and realised the exposure counter is at S, meaning no shots were taken at all. Thinking that I didn’t load the film properly, I panicked and did all sorts of things to remedy it.

I opened the cam to check the film, thus explaining the light leaks.

I rewind the roll slightly and took a shot, thus explaining the double exposure.

It’s actually the tiles of the temple floor overlapped with the shot of the temple itself. Genius me.


#9 Finally accepted the fact that the UWS counter is gone, we made our way to Singapore River. Took this awesome shot at the Cavenagh Bridge. We so tiny.

What a day. Pretty neat taking in the sights and sounds of the place we have always been in and probably took for granted.

That’s all I have for this post.In case you guys are interested to know.. #1 and #4 were taken on the Diana Mini using Sunny 200 negative film (thanks lulu!). The rest were taken on Superheadz UWS using Sunny 200.

Till next time.