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Kickass Krabi: of Elephants and Tigers

As promised, here are some of the long overdue pics from our Krabi holiday in January. Had our fair share of massages, beaches, roadside food and typical touristy stuff (or not. more on that later). All in all, an awesome holiday! 😀

We arrived in Krabi in the evening, explored the Ao Nang area and proceed to sign up for a couple of tours. Next thing we know we’re right atop on Dom!

#1 That’s us staring down at Dom’s sexy humps. Her herder was pretty harsh on her. Kept shouting gibberish coupled with the occasional whips. 😦


#2 Though nervous, binbin managed to squeeze a smile out for the camera. Cheers!


#3 Some scenery along the way. The whole route was pretty hilly terrain, littered with huge ass elephant poo and pee. I didn’t manage to capture the good stuff. So you guys will just have to make do with the trees and greens.


#4 Captain Courageous over here decided that the comfort of the leather seat was not his cuppa and decide to settle for elephant skin. Hats off.


After completing the trek, we got to reward Dom with some bananas (who teared out of happiness or tiredness, I have no idea). We moved on to the next destination of our tour…

Tiger Cave Temple.

#5 Ok this is not THE temple. Just one of the temples under construction near the compound entrance. Apparently there are quite a few caves with some Buddhist relics and idols to worship. But the main attraction of the Tiger Cave Temple is the 1237 steps leading all the way to THE temple, offering a bird’s eye view of the Krabi landscape.


#6 Gung-ho us decided to take a shot at conquering the 1237 steps. It was a breeze for the 1st two or three flights of stairs. Then, our nightmare began…


#7 The steps became steeper and steeper. Almost like a step ladder. And it was so narrow that only one person can go at a single time. We contemplated giving up and instead descend to take a nice leisurely walk around the compound.


#8 “Not so easy”, said binbin. Refusing to succumb, binbin flashed a semi victorious smile at the halfway point of the climb.


#9 Finally. The pinnacle!


#10 The sorta underwhelming view from the top. Trust me. It’s much better that this in person. I’m not doing justice to the scenery and the satisfaction of completing the arduous journey is pretty sweet. (I may be bluffing cos I’m feeling sore about promises of some incredible scenery that will knock my panties off)


#11 There were plenty of statues around and here is a closer look at the intricate details.


#12 The same statue from a different perspective. Majestic.


#13 Caught the sun peeking out from one of the structures. Loving the sky and flares.


Took more pictures round and about the temple before descending as quickly as we could lest the tour bus goes off without us. Totally exhausted. But we got a nice comfy massage back at the hotel poolside.


Best feeling ever.

I’m off to reminisce about those carefree days. Stay tuned for more pictures from Krabi. Probably will be up in a month’s time. I kid, I kid.