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Day Out at Barrage

I know what you guys are thinking. “Barrage?? Not AGAIN?!”

Oh come onnn. Marina Barrage is one of the nicer places we have in Singapore. All credit goes to PAP!! You guys have my vote! Pls let us have priority in upgrading! (Pardon the digression, I don’t wanna be left behind when everyone is offering their opinion about the political situation.)

Anywayyyyy, back to the Barrage. Nobody seems tired of it. It’s always packed with people flying kites, taking their wedding pictures and what not. This time round, we were there for a picnic!!

#1 What’s a picnic without glorious food. That we had no shortage of. Lasagna, shepherd’s pie and of cos the mad awesome egg mayo (which was unfortunately not caught in action here)

#2 With their powers combined… Kiteflyers unite!

#3 Check out binbin with her wind-swept hair. Stylo-milo.

#4 It’s my turn!! Love this pic. With the kites littered all over the background. Obviously I passed some of my mad skillz to binbin.

#5 Time for our trademark self shot! ❤

#6 Oh that’s not us (We rather die than be caught decked out in that outfit…) Anyhoo sweet random couple FTW.

#7 AHHHH run for your lives!! It’s an invasion of kites!! Seriously, I probably should start a business selling kites over there.

#8 Sky explodes. 8 kites found dead. 19 missing.

#9 The sun sets, marking the end of a fun filled day. 😀

On a sidenote, I used an expired (for 5 years) Kodak negative ISO 400 film (contributed by uncle David) on the Diana Mini and a Lomo redscale on the Superheadz UWS. Those framed by the black borders (namely #1, 2, 3 and 6) was taken with the Mini. Those red tinted ones are taken on the UWS.

I was pretty psyched up about getting these pictures back as I believed I got some real jems in them. However, those taken with the expired films have tiny white spots all over them. The redscale ones were no better, with plenty of white spots, fuzziness and some streaks of light. Sadness.

After consulting the photoshop uncle, it is suggested that it might be because the expired film had already degraded or the speed of the film. This is because the faster the film, the grainier the picture will be. But I’ve taken shots with ISO 400 films before. Didn’t turned out that grainy. Hmm..

As for the redscale, it might have something to do with the film. Redscale is an unorthodox way of shooting which probably gained popularity along with lomography. The film is exposed on the wrong side by winding in the film upside down into an empty canister. This will result in the pictures being reflected vertically. Due to some technical reasons (that you will be better off reading from Wiki ), the film will need to be taken at slightly overexposed conditions to obtain the correct exposure when developed.

The things you learn from shooting. I may be wrong in my explanation or anything. Feel free to provide any pointers or advice.

Well, at the end of the day, I’ve come to terms with the unintended effects of the end result. I suppose this is what Lomography is all about. Celebrating imperfection.


Kickass Krabi 3: Best of the Rest

Hi kids, this post marks the last of my Kickass Krabi series. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. As the title suggests, the pictures will chronicle some of the other stuffs we got up to in Ao Nang. The nightlife, beaches and other parts of town we tried exploring. On foot.

So obviously we didn’t get too far. Come dinner time we will usually walk along the stretches of (mostly Western) restaurants and settle down when our stomach starts growling. As with most touristy places, there were plenty of touts clambering for your attention.


#1 This is how we got this picture. Smartass tout spotted my Diana Mini and appeared to be intrigued by it. Proceeded to ask me what it is and looked incredulous when told it was a camera. Asked to see it and duly persuaded us to pose for the camera. Then came the sales pitch, which I declined by saying we’ve eaten. Promised to be back to try it some other time. Obviously I didn’t. Thai food were more of our thang.


#2 In our treacherous (did I mention the zombie-movie-type-hordes-of-touts?) trek in search of good Thai food, I took time out to use bulb mode on the Mini to capture some light streaks. Can’t remember how long I held the shutter opened though… Damn.


#3 The holy grail. Authentic Thai street food. Noodle soup FTW. The owners were so warm and kind. Made the experience all the more awesome.


#4 Dessert was chocolate banana pancake. Nothing much to shout about although we saw plenty of people with pancakes in hand. Kinda like a thinner and crispier roti prata.


#5 We tried fish spa for the 1st time ever. Mainly because it was relatively cheaper as compared to the exorbitant prices they are charging back home. From my expression, it’s safe to conclude I am and will never be an avid fan of fish spas. I may have also pissed off the owner by dissuading onlooking bystanders not to try it. Uh-oh.


#6 We had some spare time left on the last day. So we tried exploring other parts of Ao Nang in the day. Here is an awesome backdrop of the island/hill/mountain.


#7 God bless the poor chap tasked to sort out the cables.


#8 A couple shares a quiet moment at the beach.


#9 Little red stranded boat


#10 Let’s ride off into the sunset.

(Actually it’s just the redscale effect. The sun was nowhere near setting.)

With that let’s all bid farewell to Krabi. Till next time! (I really ought to be sleeping hence the swift conclusion)

Kickass Krabi 2: Sunkissed Beaches

Hola! Here comes the 2nd part of our Krabi adventures!

When you go to Krabi, you definitely have to go for at least an island tour. After all they’re famous for their pristine beaches and soothing scenery. If you don’t, you probably got on the wrong plane.

We had a few choices like Phi Phi Island, James Bond Island, etc. After much mulling, we decided to go for the Hong Island tour. The downside of it? We had to drag our asses up at 7am.

#1 Us trying our bestest to look up for the tour. As you can see I’m not a happy bunny early in the morning. Probably cos we were kept waiting by a couple of latecomers.

#2 Matching sunglasses! Of course we managed to score a good deal (I think) after some sleek negotiation tactics.

#3 After a bumpy boat ride.. Land ahoy! This is actually just the appetizer. Only a small stretch of sand that resembles more like a long jump pit than a beach. We would only get to the actual Hong island later in the day.

#4 We were given around an hour to do our own thang. Snorkeling, feeding and basically whatever that floats your boat. We took it easy and just lazed around waiting for time to pass.

#5 Binbin flashing her mega watt smile while getting a good refreshing soak

#6 I was busy taking paparazzi shots of an elderly Caucasian couple locked in a tight embrace. Didn’t wanna get too close and ruin their moment though.

#7 Father keeps a (not so wary) eye on his son.

#8 Feeding time! The fishes were literally flying through the air to get at the bread crumbs. Though they were of minuscule size. it was still pretty unnerving when you see a whole bunch of them charging at you at lightning speed.

We duly left the “sandpit” and moved on to another island. Over there, it was like one of those mega IT fair,  just that everyone decided to show up in their bikinis and berms, while the organizers decided to swap carpets for sand. Every inch of sand was literally covered by people. Initially, it felt kinda awkward seeing such a huge crowd and it somewhat dampened the holiday mood. It didn’t take long before that thought got lost and we were immersed in our own world. We did some snorkeling and feeding with one miserable slice of bread.

Finally, we left for Hong Island where we would have our “buffet” lunch and more slacking by the beach. Obviously, it was the best out of all the islands we visited. However, I somehow failed to take a single shot of its beach. Maybe I was still reeling from the fact that our buffet consist of 2 dishes ( 1 veg, 1 fish) only, or we got too caught up in the snorkeling. Or maybe, just maybe we were distracted by….

#9 This sweet lovely cutie pie! Awwwwwww-ness ttm.

#10 Both of us hamming it up for the camera while getting a tan.

Pretty soon, we were about to leave Hong Island when it started pouring. Off we hopped on to the boat and sped a fair distance away from the rain clouds. The guide led us to one last destination before we head back to Krabi. We reached a lagoon where all of us got to go down and walked around since it was low tide. More pictures taking and checking out sea creatures ensued. It looks pretty underwhelming on the pics so I’m not gonna post them up. But it was actually quite an unique experience.

#11 One last shot of a longtail boat before leaving the lagoon.

Finally, it was time to head back to Krabi! Not before we had a hella bumpy ride back because of the rainstorm. Thank god we were on a speedboat. Would seriously dread being caught in the rainstorm on a longtail boat. Worse still, a sampan.

So kids, in conclusion, don’t expect a fantastic spread for lunch. Get a speedboat. Get used to the crowd. Be in your own world. Be safe. Get tanned.