Kickass Krabi 3: Best of the Rest

Hi kids, this post marks the last of my Kickass Krabi series. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. As the title suggests, the pictures will chronicle some of the other stuffs we got up to in Ao Nang. The nightlife, beaches and other parts of town we tried exploring. On foot.

So obviously we didn’t get too far. Come dinner time we will usually walk along the stretches of (mostly Western) restaurants and settle down when our stomach starts growling. As with most touristy places, there were plenty of touts clambering for your attention.


#1 This is how we got this picture. Smartass tout spotted my Diana Mini and appeared to be intrigued by it. Proceeded to ask me what it is and looked incredulous when told it was a camera. Asked to see it and duly persuaded us to pose for the camera. Then came the sales pitch, which I declined by saying we’ve eaten. Promised to be back to try it some other time. Obviously I didn’t. Thai food were more of our thang.


#2 In our treacherous (did I mention the zombie-movie-type-hordes-of-touts?) trek in search of good Thai food, I took time out to use bulb mode on the Mini to capture some light streaks. Can’t remember how long I held the shutter opened though… Damn.


#3 The holy grail. Authentic Thai street food. Noodle soup FTW. The owners were so warm and kind. Made the experience all the more awesome.


#4 Dessert was chocolate banana pancake. Nothing much to shout about although we saw plenty of people with pancakes in hand. Kinda like a thinner and crispier roti prata.


#5 We tried fish spa for the 1st time ever. Mainly because it was relatively cheaper as compared to the exorbitant prices they are charging back home. From my expression, it’s safe to conclude I am and will never be an avid fan of fish spas. I may have also pissed off the owner by dissuading onlooking bystanders not to try it. Uh-oh.


#6 We had some spare time left on the last day. So we tried exploring other parts of Ao Nang in the day. Here is an awesome backdrop of the island/hill/mountain.


#7 God bless the poor chap tasked to sort out the cables.


#8 A couple shares a quiet moment at the beach.


#9 Little red stranded boat


#10 Let’s ride off into the sunset.

(Actually it’s just the redscale effect. The sun was nowhere near setting.)

With that let’s all bid farewell to Krabi. Till next time! (I really ought to be sleeping hence the swift conclusion)


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2 responses to “Kickass Krabi 3: Best of the Rest”

  1. Bin bin says :

    focus of picture #9, the red boat or the bikini babe?

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