Day Out at Barrage

I know what you guys are thinking. “Barrage?? Not AGAIN?!”

Oh come onnn. Marina Barrage is one of the nicer places we have in Singapore. All credit goes to PAP!! You guys have my vote! Pls let us have priority in upgrading! (Pardon the digression, I don’t wanna be left behind when everyone is offering their opinion about the political situation.)

Anywayyyyy, back to the Barrage. Nobody seems tired of it. It’s always packed with people flying kites, taking their wedding pictures and what not. This time round, we were there for a picnic!!

#1 What’s a picnic without glorious food. That we had no shortage of. Lasagna, shepherd’s pie and of cos the mad awesome egg mayo (which was unfortunately not caught in action here)

#2 With their powers combined… Kiteflyers unite!

#3 Check out binbin with her wind-swept hair. Stylo-milo.

#4 It’s my turn!! Love this pic. With the kites littered all over the background. Obviously I passed some of my mad skillz to binbin.

#5 Time for our trademark self shot! ❤

#6 Oh that’s not us (We rather die than be caught decked out in that outfit…) Anyhoo sweet random couple FTW.

#7 AHHHH run for your lives!! It’s an invasion of kites!! Seriously, I probably should start a business selling kites over there.

#8 Sky explodes. 8 kites found dead. 19 missing.

#9 The sun sets, marking the end of a fun filled day. 😀

On a sidenote, I used an expired (for 5 years) Kodak negative ISO 400 film (contributed by uncle David) on the Diana Mini and a Lomo redscale on the Superheadz UWS. Those framed by the black borders (namely #1, 2, 3 and 6) was taken with the Mini. Those red tinted ones are taken on the UWS.

I was pretty psyched up about getting these pictures back as I believed I got some real jems in them. However, those taken with the expired films have tiny white spots all over them. The redscale ones were no better, with plenty of white spots, fuzziness and some streaks of light. Sadness.

After consulting the photoshop uncle, it is suggested that it might be because the expired film had already degraded or the speed of the film. This is because the faster the film, the grainier the picture will be. But I’ve taken shots with ISO 400 films before. Didn’t turned out that grainy. Hmm..

As for the redscale, it might have something to do with the film. Redscale is an unorthodox way of shooting which probably gained popularity along with lomography. The film is exposed on the wrong side by winding in the film upside down into an empty canister. This will result in the pictures being reflected vertically. Due to some technical reasons (that you will be better off reading from Wiki ), the film will need to be taken at slightly overexposed conditions to obtain the correct exposure when developed.

The things you learn from shooting. I may be wrong in my explanation or anything. Feel free to provide any pointers or advice.

Well, at the end of the day, I’ve come to terms with the unintended effects of the end result. I suppose this is what Lomography is all about. Celebrating imperfection.


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