Randoms on Diana Mini

Hi all, got back from my trip two days back but still feeling kinda tired and under the weather. Before I post the countless no. of photos from my trip, I’m gonna upload this batch of random pics taken on a expired Kodak ISO 400 negative roll using my Diana Mini.

#1 A leisurely walk after having a very Singaporean dinner at the Singapore Food Trail at Singapore Flyer (c’mon guys National Day is coming) with MBS in the backdrop…

#2 So awesome that these strange cool lights are exploding from binbin’s head.

#3 It’s suppose to read Science Museum. Damn those anorexic lens.

#4 The gang hatching some concrete plans in an orange after Chye’s birthday dinner…

#5 while we took to cam whoring!

#6 Fall in! For a trip to the flea market at Sungei Road. Not those kind of flea with pretty young things hawking their used clothes and stuff.

#7 Expect to find uncles selling old antique stuffs from the Jurassic era. Such as these old records. Notice any familiar names?

#8 Inspired by escalators recently. Here’s one on a double exposure at the MRT station.

#9 Fun day out with awesome colleagues, ending with a mug of nice cold beer at Old School.

#10 Gingerbin Woman!! Must admit it’s quite a smart pose.

#11 Jady intent on stuffing her nostrils at the camera.

#12 Rare night out for Jady. Unfortunately, she can only look on as I cycle away on the stationary bike. Woo hoo!

Coming up: pictures from a new toy in town.

The LC-A+ RL. In Hong Kong. Till next time.


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