Hectic Hong Kong: Welcome to the Jungle

hong kong star harbour

Damn right, it’s Hong Kong baby!!

And yes as the title suggests, it was one hell of a hectic holiday. The pace of it all was wayyyy overwhelming than I have ever imagined. Definitely not on my list of destinations to recharge your batteries. And that is to put it mildly.

Well, it’s a whole different level when it comes to shopping. They probably have everything for everyone, branded stuffs, imitation goods, local brands, international ones, comics, toys, cameras, etc. You name it they have it.

Makes this the perfect opportunity to finally get my hands on the LC-A+, the camera that started the whole Lomo movement. With the many different version of LC-A+ to choose from, I went for the Russian lens version known as the LC-A+ RL.

I rotated between the LC-A+ RL and Superheadz UWS throughout the trip (so sorry DianaM). Films used for this series include the Lomo Xpro Chrome, Provia ISO 400 and the Kodak Ektachrome 160T. Without further ado, let’s check out the pics!

#1 Ride It Out
Just another one of the countless rides we took on the MTR. Endure plenty of shoves, steps and (extremely loud!) Mh Gois. That’s just how Hong Kong roll.

#2 Weary Legs
Doubt anyone will take a random stranger snapping in your face too kindly. Especially in such an intense environment. Hence the feet shot.

#3 Cute vs Cute
This lil sweetie pie kept going “Do Jeh (thank you), Do Jeh, Do Jeh…” as she made her way through the crowd with mummy in tow. Binbin tried engaging her to no avail. Uber cuteness nonetheless.

#4 Morning Rush
A typical scene in the Australian Diary Company. Not sure I’m more impressed by their incredible efficiency or yummy scrambled eggs.

#5 Lost In Big City
Binbin looks absolutely lost in the hustle and bustle of the city. Which we did a few times.

#6 Shoppers’ Heaven
Spacious, shoes, sale. Surefire way to induce some shopping spending.

#7 Crikey
Me with my jungle hat. Can pass off as the Thye Hong hokkien mee uncle too.

#8 Fly Fly Superstar
凤飞飞 making a special guest appearance.

#9 King of the Jungle
We stumbled upon a tokidoki exhibition in a “design mall”. Sat right in the center of the mall was this huge ass tokidoki character.

#10 Inside Out
Looking out to the busy streets from inside the bell tower at 1881 Heritage.

#11 Neon Trees
you’re just a cannibal and I’m afraid I won’t get out alive/No I won’t sleep tonight

#12 Oil Sesame Field
Home(for 6 days)! Always comforting to see this sign after a long day out. The feeling lasts till we are at the door of our room.

Look out for more pics from Hong Kong, depending on how fast I beat this Inertia Monster.

Sidenote: That pic on top of the post was taken by me and the words were added in in Photoshop. In no way inspired by bad photo+vintage filter+helvetica .


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5 responses to “Hectic Hong Kong: Welcome to the Jungle”

  1. Binbin says :

    I love the first pic. Looks like a postcard!

  2. robintheblog says :

    Love the tones! I sensed you captured quite great moments in Hong Kong.

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