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The Lost Files of Universal Studios Singapore

Discovered some photos while tidying up my PC which I took during my trip to USS from wayyyyy back. That was before I got my LC-A+, so the pictures are from my Diana Mini and Superheadz UWS. I can’t remember which film I used for the Diana Mini though.. Sorry about that. Enjoy the pics!

#1 Niversal Studios Singapore | Diana Mini
Fail shot. This is the Diana Mini, not the UWS, dodo! Should have shot with abit of clearance on the sides in case of parallax error. Oh well, I’ll learn.

#2 Move It | Superheadz UWS | B&W ISO 100
She like to move it, move it~

#3 Hollow | Superheadz UWS | B&W ISO 100
The crowd expecting some attraction behind the tree door. To no avail.

#4 Shrek’s | Superheadz UWS | B&W ISO 100
If only it’s a real life castle where you can access the upper levels, dungeons and what not. I guess Read More…


Let’s Not Forget About My Tees

Yup, after all this started as a blog to showcase my t-shirt designs. But before I go into my latest design, big shout out to those who took the time out and commented on my previous post. And nope I didn’t win the Lomography challenge. But thank you guys nonetheless. Feel free to keep those comments coming for my future posts. It gets kinda lonely in here ya know?

So there. I just completed a tshirt design for my website It was actually a pretty random idea. I’ve previously gotten a fair bit of positive feedback with my cartoony doodles. So I was thinking, why not try that out for my next design? And of course my subject has got to be interesting and unique. And you don’t come any more interesting than Gervinho, an Arsenal footballer with a flamboyant hairstyle/head/forehead, to put it mildly.

Ahh that’s my man. I remember having a solid 10 minutes discussion with my homies, deciding whether Gervinho was wearing a wig. It’s so unreal. Btw our discussion was inconclusive.

Inspired, this is what I came up with,

Gervinho forehead tee

I added a distressed texture to the design cos that is what I’ve always wanted to do. And boy was it hard work. I spent the same amount of time if not more, distressing the design than actually creating it. Well, practice makes perfect. I’m gonna have to do more and refine my distressing techniques.

So if you’re digging it, or the other designs on my site, now will be a good time to make a purchase or two. There is a shipping promotion from 29 – 30 Oct (yea I know, it’s so short), where US shipping is free of charge and US$9.50 discount off international shipments. You just have to enter the coupon code WITCHINGHOUR when checking out.

So shop away people! Time to begin preparations for those Christmas presents.

A La Sardina Review (of its owner)

Hello world! My name is Lana the La Sardina Sea Pride. My kind mamas and papas over at Lomography Singapore loaned me out to some random guy who happens to own this blog. I’m gonna write about the experiences I shared with him over these few weeks.

And so, I was stuck in the box for 3 days before seeing daylight. My dear owner was apparently too busy with work to pick me up for a shootabout. Dislike.

The weekends finally came and I got the first glimpse of his world. First thing I saw? This. Read More…