A La Sardina Review (of its owner)

Hello world! My name is Lana the La Sardina Sea Pride. My kind mamas and papas over at Lomography Singapore loaned me out to some random guy who happens to own this blog. I’m gonna write about the experiences I shared with him over these few weeks.

And so, I was stuck in the box for 3 days before seeing daylight. My dear owner was apparently too busy with work to pick me up for a shootabout. Dislike.

The weekends finally came and I got the first glimpse of his world. First thing I saw? This.

Ahh so that’s how he look like. Seems like a decent enough guy. Ooo check out his girlfriendddd… She is looking at me funny though. Relax, I’m not gonna hang around for long and vie with you for his attention.

So I was brought along to Orchard Road – Singapore’s famous shopping district. Instead of obsessing over colorways and cuttings, they were actually fixated on a particular street performer.

Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

Nope, it’s not an earthquake that is threatening to bring Orchard Ion down. It’s just the owner making use of my sweet MX switch to create a multiple exposure shot. Basically, you just take a shot and flick the MX switch and you’re good to take another shot. Go crazy and repeat as many times as you like!

Right after his crazy MX experiment, I found myself in Ang Mo Kio as the couple needed their dinner. Humans. Pishh. Overheard them making a big hoo-haa over this Mellben place supposedly famed for their Crab Beehoon. I say crabs are overrated. Light and films are the way to go.

So as they stuff themselves silly, I was left alone in the bag with some me time. Or so I thought.

I dunno who gave him the idea to handle me while he is in the midst of devouring his crab. Here you see him attempting to capture the gigantic pincer with his girl in the restaurant. Indoors at normal setting. Bad mistake, bro. Now he has to contend with this underexposed shot. And me? I smell crabby. And feel oily. Well, I suppose it ties in with the Sea Pride theme.

They went on a good ol stroll after dinner and got to this place to indulge in some prawning. No, not eating prawns. Catching prawns.

Thankfully, they didn’t manage to catch any during that one hour lest I get all wet and funky smelling. Not sure if the owner is as pleased as myself though. Oh ya, this time round he got it in his head to fire the shot in bulb mode! There is this setting, where I will be able to keep the shutter as long as possible until the shutter button is released. That’s useful for shots at night and indoors when you don’t have a flash and the lighting conditions are not ideal. Downside is you gotta hold me steady, otherwise the pic will turn out blurry like in this case.

When I’m rested on a steady surface and the shutter is held open for the right duration, voila!

You’ll get a sweet ass shot like this! Not too shabby for a toy camera like myself huh? Oh yea I forgot to mention that I was taken along for a performance at MBS on a particular weekday night.

My very first musical! Happy times 😀

Another day, another food outing. This time round, across the border to Malaysia.

Bukit Indah to be exact. Innocuous as the kitchen may seem, they are actually serving Bak Kut Teh, loosely translated as Pork Ribs Tea. The crazy stuff humans eat…

Exploring the area after eating his fill.

Chanced across this menacing looking stairways leading to nowhere. Not feeling too good about this place. Let’s get outta hereeee.

So it’s time to head to the photolab after nearly expending all my film. And finally you guys get to see my pretty face. Oh no, I don’t have a fisheye lens. It’s just the mirror, silly.

Tada! Dropping off the film at Triple D to get my pictures scanned into a CD. Beams.

Well, that was how my first ever roll of film went. Overall, it has been quite a shutter-opener. While the owner can be quite careless with me, getting me into all sorts of tight situations involving crab gravy, filthy water and what not. It has been a fun filled time with him. I’m sure we will create more awesome pictures if given the time to build up our rapport. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to stay with him for good. Keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

Creativity: 3.0/5.0
Greediness: 4.5/5.0
Handling: 2.5/5.0
Attractiveness: 5.0/5.0
Summary: There is room for improvement for the suave and charming owner. As awesome as he may be, he will need more time to form a bond and understand the temperament of the La Sardina. A permanent stay is recommended.

This is my blog entry for the LoBlography Singapore challenge. The blog post with the most likes, comments and shares will win a brand new LC-A+, while the most creative post will get to keep his/her La Sardina.
Will appreciate if you guys click the “Like” button at the bottom of the post or simply drop a comment if you have enjoyed reading it. Spreading the word on your Facebook and/or Twitter will help immensely too. If you guys happen to own a blog, don’t hesitate to re-blog and share the link to this post.
Thanks for reading!


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42 responses to “A La Sardina Review (of its owner)”

  1. Bin bin says :

    Creative! And definately suave and charming!

  2. zb says :

    Great shots.. and remember to treat melben crab when u win

  3. Michael Khoo Kahguan says :

    interesting take on the life of a camera 😀

  4. Chengxi says :

    u really can think like a camera sia….. haha!!! amazing!

  5. J.T says :

    I like your sweet ass shot with MBS at the background 🙂
    Saw a couple taking marriage shots at the bottom of that pic.. the groom looks so familiar.. like one of my soccer buddies. . . .

    • jusstdesserts says :

      Prospective employer? Nice catch though on the marriage shots. If only your buddy’s eyesight are as good as yours. Ha!!

  6. JiaXi says :

    The Rise of La Sardina: I was handled over to this shabby looking guy in a nice looking paper bag that is very big for me. Feeling like a kid in a bungalow by myself. But this guy just crush my “bungalow” once he see me and stuff me into a black “space”. I thought i was going to die… he’s going throw me into the bin! but luckily no, i soon came out and saw newton food centre.. hm… interesting place, he pass me to a guy name jon and i thought this was my new owner. until jon passes me to mao, who keep mentioning about bin! i tot i was going to die again! Rubbish bin again?!~ but i soon realise its his gf “bin bin” not the rubbish bin… PHEW!~~~~
    Then…. My “sightseeing journey” begins~~~~

  7. Simon says :

    You’re a natural…kick ass shots…you’re my cup of tea 😀

  8. Loon says :

    Very nice. My favorite is the one with the pen.

  9. Chloe Ng says :

    Er… Isn’t your post kind of same as the other competitors one? They sound very alike….

    • jusstdesserts says :

      Hi Chloe, i have yet to check out the blog posts of the other 19 participants. I’ll put any similiarities down to coincidence rather than anything sinister like you’re suggesting. Would u mind posting the link to the aforementioned blog post so I can see how great our minds think alike (and bump up my no. of comments at the same time)? Thanks for dropping by. 

  10. Ivan Koh says :

    lana looks awesome. bring it to the next luckystrike game. good luck on this competition!

  11. Michael Foo says :

    you can’t say you didn’t see the other participants! i saw hers and she posted it before yours. Your posts are done in the exact same way. you named the camera the exact way she did too. so don’t pretend here.
    -please get some originality

    • jusstdesserts says :

      Hi Michael, in case I haven’t made myself clear in my earlier response to Chloe, pls allow my homie , Webster to break it down for you…

      co·in·ci·dence/koʊˈɪnsədəns/ noun
      plural co·in·ci·denc·es
      1 : a situation in which events happen at the same time in a way that is not planned or expected

      I appreciate your gallant attempt in being the defender of all things original but I’m thankful that I’m not as narrow-minded as yourself to accuse others of copying a concept just because it turned up later.

  12. joorangephilic says :

    Nice story… Seems like your camera had quite an adventure…Some of the effects realli look good…

  13. Hao says :


  14. shoefang says :

    I like your MBS Shot alott! Pretty much like something which can be taken with a slr. Good composition there! (; I havent got a chance to bring my La Sardina out to meet the world! hope it can produce nice pictures like how your Lana did! >:D


    • jusstdesserts says :

      What?? You haven’t bring it out yet? Later turn moldy. Anw wordpress mistook your post as spam hence the slight delay in approving your comment. I can see you’re very eager to get your comments up since u posted the same comments twice. HAHAHA.

  15. WL says :

    Like post n photos.
    Unlike Michael Foo. Pun intended.

  16. HTC says :

    Nice pics.. Great writeup..

  17. SOMQ says :

    Can explain what is Lasardina? Photo shots not bad.
    If you win you qia melben.

  18. SOMQ says :

    Anybody’s cam called lassagne? or La Bamba?

  19. JPKang says :

    Why so harsh to Simon!~? haha!

  20. cutebun says :

    I seriously like that night view! Wow!

  21. Shixiong Tai says :

    It was a fun read! Nice to know you Lana! I am sure the owner would experiment and practice more on his techniques and bring you to your full potential sometime in the near future!

  22. Erick says :

    I like the night shot! And, I can see newly weds being photographed in there! 🙂

    The stair shot looks very creepy!

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