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Black & White Randoms

Here are some pics taken on the Earl Grey 100 (which is just a fancy name for Lomography’s black & white film), using the LC-A+ RL.

First Thai Signboard#1 Lil’ Signboard
The mini signboard of an awesome Thai restaurant which location is pretty much an open secret Read More…


Fergie, Fergie Buy This Tee

Sir Alex Ferguson recently celebrated 25 years in the hotseat at Manchester United. That is almost as long as I’ve been in existence. The media have been running features lauding his achievements and reviewing some of the highlights of his career.

Off the top of my head, here is a few of what I remember about the man,

  • Winning.
  • Fallout with his one time assistant, Brian Kidd, who is currently Man City’s assistant manager.
  • Paying crazy money (at that time) for Andy Cole which looks like an awful mistake at that time.
  • Paying even crazier money for Juan Sebastian Veron which is definitely an awful mistake.
  • The boot to Beckham’s beautiful head and their subsequent fallout.
  • His rivalry with Wenger and his livid response when Wenger said the immortal line, “Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home”. Kaboomz!
  • Fallout with Jaap Stam and replaced him with 35 year old Laurent Blanc. *sound of title challenge crumbling*
  • His retirement u-turn and the disaster precluding that.
  • His subsequent mellowing, affording plenty of leeway in his treatment of the modern footballers like Ronaldo and Rooney.
  • His purple nose.

alex ferguson

Trust me, it looks way purpler on screen. With this one outstanding physical trait, I thought it will be a good idea to do up a caricature of the man that everyone can identify with. Added with a subtle distressed effect and slapped on a t-shirt, this is what I came up with:

Sir Alex Ferguson tshirt

The t-shirt is now on sale at Available in men, women and children sizes, with a free choice of tshirt color. Spread the Fergie love y’all.

Superheadz Singapore

Well to be accurate, the title should read Superheadz Ultra Wide & Slim Singapore since Superheadz is the company that makes the camera and not the camera itself. But Superheadz Singapore has more of a ring to it, so I’m gonna stick with it rather than going all anal on the accuracy of my post titles.

Presenting random shots around Singapore taken on my Superheadz UWS using Lomo X-Pro Chrome 100.

#1 Piece of History
A familiar sight in the City Hall area with a whole load of history behind it which I didn’t know before. There is a Capitol Cinema that old timers speak fondly about that is hidden from view behind the facade of Capitol Building. Surprise surprise, I didn’t know about that too until now.

It has been confirmed that the site is to be redeveloped and the theatre will be conserved, housing local theatre groups and screening commercial movies. Cool beans. Here is a great set of photos of the old cinema and its interior taken by momofuku ando. I should probably drop by and check out the old cinema before it’s gone.

#2 Red
Something light after all that history lesson. Red lanterns.

#3 Low & Wet
Question. Would you rather be high and dry or low and wet?

#4 Outta Control
Always intrigued by these old school spiral staircases whenever I walked past them on my way to develop my photos. And then I’m reminded of the spiral staircase in the North Spine of NTU. Conclusion: fun to look at, not fun to climb ’em.

#5 Le-sa-leh
Had a very vague memory of the old La Salle college near the vicinity of my secondary school. And remembering it was quite a pickle to pronounce.

#6 FT
“These FTs come and snatch our jobs and act as if they own the place. You mean you can’t find locals for this kind of jobs that require you to stand in the sweltering heat all day long?? Only Sillyporeans can still happily vote for the Gahmen. Sooner or later we are going to become the minority!!..”

If you have a 100% understanding of the above rant, it most certainly is an indication that you have been reading too many of those comments in Yahoo Singapore news.

#7 Sah Mun
The driver previously had a bad case of summonitis.

#8 Twist
Is it just me or does anyone thinks that this wouldn’t look out of place as a candidate symbol for a Presidential Election campaign?

That’s all for this set. Quite enjoyed them with the Lomo Chrome coming through for me once again. Definitely recommended for all the Lomographers out there.

On A Roll

And yes I’m talking about my t-shirt designs. It’s 2 in 2 weeks now and it’s so much easier when you get the momentum going.

My latest design for will probably go down well among Argentina, Man City and ABU (Anything But United) fans. ABU, a loose coalition made up by people who detest Manchester United so much that they will support whichever team that plays against Man Utd. True story.

As part of the Icons football tshirt series, I do up portraits of footballing stars using elements that are representative of the players. Elements such as their past and present club badges, shirt numbers and their nationality.

This time round, it’s Manchester City hotshot, Sergio Aguero to get the Icons treatment.

Sergio Aguero tshirt

I added a horizontal dash of white across the design to make it look more interesting and also to compliment the colors of Argentina and Man City. And here is the reference photo I used.

Not a 100% likeness if I do say so myself. Had a bit of trouble trying to nail the expression, but I think I came through in the end. What do you guys think? Feel free to drop a comment and lemme know.