Black & White Randoms

Here are some pics taken on the Earl Grey 100 (which is just a fancy name for Lomography’s black & white film), using the LC-A+ RL.

First Thai Signboard#1 Lil’ Signboard
The mini signboard of an awesome Thai restaurant which location is pretty much an open secret.

Outta Focus #2 Noob Face
Nope, I didn’t take the shot. Some noob face took it without adjusting the focus distance. Candid shot fail.

Wall doodle #3 Doinky Doodles!
Not sure if that is the name of the shop we stumbled upon while wandering around Haji Lane. Quite a fun doodle on the wall nonetheless.

38 #4 Gossip Girls
iPad + Facebook = Gossip Girls

Comic Con #5 Everyone Loves a Comic Nerd
Behind the innocent smile, lies a serious comic nerd.

Wolverine #6 Berserker Barrage
Would have been apt if we pulled a so-scared-we-shat-in-our-pants face.

Potrait #7 Penny. Thoughts?
Looking uber serious. While playing Tiny Tower.

Jady #8 Speed of Light
Best I can do, considering how Jady can never sit still for long enough. Best part is she sits just long enough to let you think you gonna get a good shot, only to scuttle off at the last minute. Drats.

Still not getting the hang of taking B&W pictures. And I seem to have quite a few rolls left as well. Well, more practice for me then!


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