Genting + KL Road Trippin’

with my favourite allies… (10 bonus points for those who know which song I’m referencing without googling)

Well sort of, except instead of driving our own vehicle we relied on buses and taxis. Which means we spent a whole chunk of our trip sleeping in awkward positions, waking up to pins and needles and holding our pee in. Other than that, the getaway was pretty much awesome.

For starters, we overslept, almost missed the bus and had our fair share of childish giggles.


"Damnnn dat ass", said the aunties after checking out our dear friend's junk

Finally reached Genting and gambled for a couple of hours. Was my 1st ever attempt at the tables and I can conclude there is no such thing as beginner’s luck. At least for me.

First World Hotel#1 Scam City
Is it just me or does that color scheme screams tacky? Fine, I’m just being bitter.

KL traffic#2 Taxi in a Taxi
We had to endure a long cab ride down from Genting to KL. Before we know it, it’s nightfall and our stomachs are grumbling.

Malaysia#3 Truly Asia
After a sumptuous breakfast, we went to check out the icon of Malaysia…

Petronas Twin Towers#4 Twin Towers
The Petronas Twin Towers!

Tourists#5 Liedown
Tourists take to creative ways to capture the whole length of the towers.

Petronas Twin Towers double exposure#6 Up in the Air
While the boys take to the air.

Petronas Twin Towers#7 Holdup
Last shot of the Towers before making our way to Chinatown.

Bus Window#8 Long Way Home
The long, dreadful ride home.

When all’s said and done, I just got one thing to say. Hurray to impromptu trips!


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