Oh Memories, Where’d You Go?

A wise man once said, “There’s a time and a place for everything, and it’s called college.”

For me, that place was University. I’m not saying I partied a hell load, turn up drunk for classes or experimented with drugs. Nothing that dramatic.

Just good old independent living, doing your own laundry, cooking your own meals (if I’m in the mood), staying up all night stalking Facebook profiles, etc. And no, national service doesn’t count because it stinks and you have no freedom whatsoever.

I got to do all that because I stayed in the hostel for the entirety of my Uni life. So it’s always cool to go back to NTU Hall of Residence 7 to get a whiff of the life we used to have and the memories we shared.

All pictures taken with the LC-A+ RL on ISO 100 film.

shorts and leather shoes#1 Hero
The latest costume revision for the Green Lantern sees him donning shorts with leather shoes. Neat-o.

hostel room 1#2 38-3-716
Served as our HQ during Year 3 due to its array of equipment. Sofa, TV and Playstation 2. The room has definitely seen better days compared to now.

hostel room 2#3 40-1-740
My room during Year 1 and 2. Most significant thing I remember about this room? Being woken up abruptly because we overslept for a friendly match. We still laugh about it till this day. The things I will do to witness the whole hoopla as a third person.

stone table#4 Hangout
The scene where the biggest secret was revealed. Hahahaha.


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