Spreading Some Christmas Cheer

Hope you guys have sorted out all the presents and what not for this coming Christmas. It’s just 4 days away. I’m gonna do my part and get you guys in the mood with this old tee design of mine.
Snowman t-shirt

That’s a multi-personality snowman for you. Unfortunately, I don’t think delivery for this shirt is gonna come through if you order now. It will probably work if you’re going for a belated Christmas present.
Or there is always next year.

Adding on to the Christmas cheer (or not, it’s kinda depends on the new man in charge), is the demise of the Supreme (Tyrant) Leader, Kim Jong Il. Although his death doesn’t mean peace to the world nor an immediate improvement in the lives of the millions of North Koreans, we can at least seek consolation in the fact that there is one less baddie in this world. Here is an old t-shirt design of mine that comes in pretty handy for such an occasion.
Kim Jong Il t-shirt
I had designed the tee in hope of it selling like hotcakes once he passed away. Not happening. Yet. #miscalculation


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