Outtakes of Roll #351

Nope, I didn’t actually take 351 rolls of film. In fact, I’m closer to roll #30 than roll #300.

Here are some shots that are either overexposed, underexposed, out of focus or just plain weird. These are the shots that I usually don’t bother to post. Shots which I condemn as mistakes.

But on 2nd look, they are still capable of bringing across a message. Despite of their inadequacy, they still brought me back to that moment the shot was taken. In that sense, I guess they are “good” photos.

All mistakes made with the LC-A+ RL on ISO 100 film.

self potrait#1 Self Potrait
This is just plain weird. It could be a double exposure. It could be because I didn’t wind up all the film and opened up the back cover. It could be a developing error. Beats me.

cheers#2 Beer Goggles
My attempt to capture life through a beer mug. Must have been the alcohol.

ramen#3 Steamy
Note to self. Do not attempt to take a shot of steaming hot food. At least not so close up.

embrace#4 Embrace
We tight. ❤


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