Bowling for Soup

I pretty much can’t bowl to save my life and have absolutely no business being here at the bowling alley. But it was a company event and me being the coordinator, couldn’t possibly squirm out of it.

Come to think of it, it ain’t that big a deal. Just roll a few balls, hand out high fives and do a whole load of waiting. Wouldn’t hurt if I add a dash of photo taking into that routine. And that’s just what I did.

Bowling Shoes#1 Slippery Six
Velcro-ed up and all ready to conquer the lanes.

Bowling#2 Double or Nothing
Can you hear the sound of pins crashing and crackling in your head?

Bored and waiting#3 Waiting Game
There is not a lot to do while waiting, except to puff up your cheeks and look absolutely bored.

blur head shot#4 Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Well, obviously I didn’t. Hence the blur.

bowling champions#5 Winners
Damn right, we won. That is if they disqualify the other 10 teams ahead of us.

Once again, all of the shots were taken on the LC-A+ RL, which is pretty much my weapon of choice for such low light conditions. There is no need to hook up a bulky external flash since it works on an automatic exposure control. I just pick it up and shoot. Hassle-free.


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