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Singapore’s Disneyland

With a twist of Chinese mythology. I’m referring to the best amusement park ever, at least for most kids who grew up in Singapore during the 80s.

Haw Par Villa#1 House of Tiger and Panther | LC-A+ RL | Redscale 100
Haw Par Villa here we go! The park is filled with models depicting scenes from famous Chinese folklore. Some we grew up with but most I have never heard of before this.
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Most Awesome Superhero T-shirt

Finally got my 1st design of 2012 out of the way and it’s an awesome superhero tee! Kinda.

Robin van Persie tee
In case you didn’t get it, this is Dutch footballer Robin van Persie as Robin aka Batman’s sidekick. I for one think that van Persie’s ability of scoring goals is way cooler than Robin’s superhero power of sticking real close to Batman.

Check out some of his amazing goals over here. That last video on there is pretty neat as well.

Oh by the way, the t-shirt is now on sale at Check it out and spread the love!