Singapore’s Disneyland

With a twist of Chinese mythology. I’m referring to the best amusement park ever, at least for most kids who grew up in Singapore during the 80s.

Haw Par Villa#1 House of Tiger and Panther | LC-A+ RL | Redscale 100
Haw Par Villa here we go! The park is filled with models depicting scenes from famous Chinese folklore. Some we grew up with but most I have never heard of before this.

Escape#2 Cowwabunga | LC-A+ RL | Redscale 100
Well, this falls in the latter category. From what I recalled reading from the panel, this is a scene of a capsized boat and some hero with a turtle goes on a rescue mission. Stories from Chinese mythology always have a moral to promote the virtues and values that the Chinese hold dear. In this case, it’s “Heroes in a hard shell. Turtle Power.” Or not.

HPV statue 1#3 Green Nap | Diana Mini | Sunny 200
“Don’t take naps” and “Wear Green”.

On a serious note, I can understand when visitors comment that the statues and exhibits are so bizarre. That’s probably because they are not familiar with Chinese folklore. If you have been exposed to these stories from a young age, the exhibits will be easier to digest.

HPV statue 2#4 Liberty Fairy | Diana Mini | Sunny 200
Ok, I take that back. Even I find this hard to digest. Can someone please tell me what’s a model of the Statue of Liberty doing in Haw Par Villa?

HPV statue 3#5 Admiration | Diana Mini | Sunny 200
Binbin showing her disdain at the Topsy Turvy Mermaid Sisters.

HPV statue 4#6 W.T.F | Diana Mini | Sunny 200
My attempt at the “seal caught in headlights” look.

Laughing Buddha#7 Retrolicious | LC-A+ RL | Redscale 100
Binbin has an exact photo of this taken with the same exact statue when she was just a kid. Awwwww.

Tribute#8 Piety | LC-A+ RL | Redscale 100
The Aw brothers who built the villa erected this memorial in memory of their parents.

Trail#9 Walk This Way | LC-A+ RL | Redscale 100
Taking in the sights and sound of an amusement park that somehow got stuck in a time warp is quite the unique experience.

Deity#10 Beardy | LC-A+ RL | Redscale 100
We couldn’t agree on the identity of the deity depicted here. But we were both in agreement that the fake streams of beard made a pretty good prop.

Year of Dragon#11 Girl with the Dragon Statue | LC-A+ RL | Redscale 100
A pretty apt pic considering that the Year of the Dragon is just round the corner. Here’s wishing you a prosperous new year. Huat ah!

Stay tune for the 2nd round of pictures, taken in the infamous TEN COURTS OF HELL!!!


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