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Bintan Birthday Bash

Here are some pictures I took when binbin and me went on a short getaway to Bintan. Feeling bad for neglecting the Diana Mini, I brought it along with the LC-A+ to take in the sea salt air.

Resort Roof#1 Raise the Roof | LC-A+ RL | Lomo CN 100
At the resort, ready to raise the roof. Kinda hard though with the ri-donk-ulous prices they charge for everything.
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Football History on Tees

My latest t-shirt design delves into football history, specifically on the Holy Trinity of the 1960s. Comprising of Denis Law, George Best and Bobby Charlton, the trio played a significant part in Manchester United success during the 60s which culminated in the 1968 European Cup triumph.

Manchester United Holy Trinity

Law, Charlton and Best (L-R)

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Ten Courts of Hell

Here is the 2nd round of photos taken at Haw Par Villa, specifically at one of their main attraction, the Ten Courts of Hell. According to Chinese mythology, those who have sinned (such as cheating, lying, murder, etc.) during their lifetime, will be judged in the courts of hell and punished according to the gravity of their sins.

And boy, those punishments are creatively gruesome, making it the perfect foil for parents to warn their kids about the consequences of bad behavior. And yes I grew up with all these stories, which most of the other Chinese kids did too, living in fear of getting thrown into the deep frying wok in our afterlife.

All pictures were taken on the Lomo Redscale 100 film using the LC-A+ RL.
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C’mon Ref, That’s a Card

My latest t-shirt design is out and up for sale at my online store,

Titled “Ref-olution”, it depicts a referee’s hand holding up an (imaginary) card, inspired by the recent Roberto Mancini’s imaginary card fiasco.

I personally quite like the white on black design as shown.

Note: The picture is just a mock up. The only way to feast your eyes on the actual printed product is to make a purchase for just USD $23!

No? Well, it was worth a try.