Ten Courts of Hell

Here is the 2nd round of photos taken at Haw Par Villa, specifically at one of their main attraction, the Ten Courts of Hell. According to Chinese mythology, those who have sinned (such as cheating, lying, murder, etc.) during their lifetime, will be judged in the courts of hell and punished according to the gravity of their sins.

And boy, those punishments are creatively gruesome, making it the perfect foil for parents to warn their kids about the consequences of bad behavior. And yes I grew up with all these stories, which most of the other Chinese kids did too, living in fear of getting thrown into the deep frying wok in our afterlife.

All pictures were taken on the Lomo Redscale 100 film using the LC-A+ RL.

Heads and Skulls#1 Enter At Your Own Risk
A sign of things to come as skulls and dismembered heads are on display along the walkway to the entrance.

Gate to Hell#2 Yikes
Some real emotions on display here just before setting foot into the netherworld.

Bridge#3 Bridge to the Unknown
The departed making their way across the bridges in anticipation of their trials before the King Yama.

Second Court of Hell#4 Court No.2
Here we are at Court No.2 where the punishment is not very apparent. All we know that they are met out by some freaky looking henchmen (moobs included) of the King Yama.

Third Court of Hell#5 Court No.3
Those guilty of crimes under the jurisdiction of Court No.3 will be subjected to the removal of their organs. That aside, Mr Long Neck seems to be having a hell of a time. Pun totally intended.

Holding Court#6 Tata
Can you feel it coming down?
Comes down harder, harder(What)
Comes down faster, faster(What)
You’re burning HOT!

Sliced in half#7 Chop Suey
Gordon Ramsey will be proud of those nifty knife skills.

Green Glow#8 Glow
Ermm any experts out there can explain why there is a green glow on my redscale film? Glup.

That rounds up our trip to Haw Par Villa. Overall, a neat albeit rundown place to get in touch with Chinese mythology and fables. Furthermore, the Ten Courts of Hell is quite the fear mongering tool to get the kids in line. At least for a few days.


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