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Burning Tree

I never really know what I’ll get with night shots, especially when I can’t be arsed to use a tripod. To me, the spirit of Lomography is essentially about spontaneity, so I don’t get the point of lugging a tripod and setting it up meticulously for a shot. Or I could just be finding an excuse for being lazy.

Anyway here are more of my spontaneous night shots with bonus blur.

Christmas Tree#1 Burning Tree | LC-A+ RL | Lomo CN 100
We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world’s been turning.

Cool song.
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Night Lights

Just dropping a few pics to let you guys know I’m still alive and kicking. These babies go way back to last Christmas when the nights are always splendidly lit. Especially at Orchard Road.

double exposure night shop#1 Waldo | LC-A+ RL | Sunny CN 200
Didn’t realise that this was a double exposure until closer inspection.
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