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Having rapidly rose through the ranks at Atletico Madrid (he started the 2009/10 season as the third choice keeper and finished it as the 1st choice), David de Gea sealed a big money move to Manchester United to fill its number one spot. Things didn’t go quite as well expected, with de Gea conceding a fair amount of dodgy goals and was dropped as a result. Then followed his doughnut fiasco.

Fortunately, his form started to peak with THAT save against Chelsea (or so he claims, although Lindergaard’s injury was more of a factor as it forced Fergie to start him in every game). Compliments have started pouring in, praising his outstanding determination, maturity and hair.

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There is only so much shopping, movie watching and searching of delicacies one can do in Singapore before you find yourself asking, “What now?”

Miniature golf, that’s what.

I’m not sure how many is aware of its existence but there is a mini golf facility, Lilliputt, located at East Coast Park and has been in operation for a good number of years.

We turned up with a pocket full of dough in exchange for a putting club, a neon golf ball and…

Girl with socks#1 Funky Socks | LC-A+ RL | Sunny CN 200
If the grey-headed socks are too funky for your liking, you will do good to BYOS as you will not be allowed to wear shoes nor go barefooted on the golf course.
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Why Always You??

My post on Shirtyfooty Blog. Oh yes, I drew that comic too.

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Balotelli red card against Arsenal

The immediate aftermath of Balotelli’s silly red card resulted in an avalanche of knee jerk responses from both Roberto Mancini and the media. Claims of Balotelli having played his last game in a Man City shirt is surely premature.

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Family Family Family

Sky Balloon#1 Orb | LC-A+ RL | Lomo CN 100
It’s the Family Day at Sentosa! Which means the perfect opportunity for parents to drop off their kids and pay (pun not intended) a quick visit to the casino.
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