There is only so much shopping, movie watching and searching of delicacies one can do in Singapore before you find yourself asking, “What now?”

Miniature golf, that’s what.

I’m not sure how many is aware of its existence but there is a mini golf facility, Lilliputt, located at East Coast Park and has been in operation for a good number of years.

We turned up with a pocket full of dough in exchange for a putting club, a neon golf ball and…

Girl with socks#1 Funky Socks | LC-A+ RL | Sunny CN 200
If the grey-headed socks are too funky for your liking, you will do good to BYOS as you will not be allowed to wear shoes nor go barefooted on the golf course.

Mini Changi Airport#2 Minia-irport | LC-A+ RL | Sunny CN 200
Basically all the 18 holes are miniature versions of places of interest in Singapore. Pretty neat, right? 1st stop, Changi Airport!

Squat#3 The Thinker | LC-A+ RL | Sunny CN 200
The thinking golfer is pondering over the feasibility of taking a dump without anyone noticing.

Putting in progress#4 Esplanade | LC-A+ RL | Sunny CN 200
The ball and its impending flight towards the Esplanade Theatre.

City Hall Station#5 #5 | LC-A+ RL | Sunny CN 200
Seems like the info is pretty much updated, with mentions of the newly built Circle Line and the future Downtown Line and Eastern Region Line. That aside, I met with a slight delay when the miniature train failed to transfer my golf ball to the other part of the course. Seems like train delays extend beyond real trains.

Couple Shot#6 Self Service | LC-A+ RL | Sunny CN 200
Photo opportunity while waiting for my ball to arrive.

Mini Zoo#7 Strange Foreign Animal | LC-A+ RL | Sunny CN 200
Strange striped species spotted at the miniature zoo.

Mini Snow City#8 Skiing on Gravel | LC-A+ RL | Sunny CN 200
A very fail replica of the very fail “attraction” known as Snow City.

Open animal mouths#9 Ahhhhhh | LC-A+ RL | Sunny CN 200
Open wideeee…..

Mini food center#10 Chirri Crab | LC-A+ RL | Sunny CN 200
Not surprisingly, the delicacies of Singapore are featured in one of the holes.

Though slightly rundown, we had a great time at Lilliputt. Definitely an interesting alternative to spend the weekend without anyone cramping your space.


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