I’m Not the Flora Kind of Guy

That’s what I learned from my visit to the Botanic Gardens. I’m ashamed to say that pretty much every plant looks the same to me. And those Latin names, they just befuddle the crap out of me.

Thinking about it makes my brain hurts. So I’ll do good by recalling all the other stuffs I encountered. The ducklings, the swans (both black and white), families chilling out, busy Korean lady with her huge ass hat and loud dressing, the gigantic monitor lizard which drew numerous oohhs and ahhs.

It was also the debut of my new camera, the Diana F+ and my 1st experience with a 120mm camera. Boy, I had a hard time figuring out how to load/unload and finding the film counter (FYI, it doesn’t have a physical film counter). I should probably do a tutorial on that. Right after I finished with these photos:

Ducklings#1 Quack | Diana F+ | B&W Lady Grey 400
That’s what I call a duck’s eye view.

Elephant models#2 Army | Diana Mini | Lucky CN 200
Coincidentally, they had this exhibition going on, where models of elephants colored in by artists from all over the world are displayed.

double exposure portrait#3 Tears | Diana Mini | Lucky CN 200
Double exposure of binbin and the interesting Victorian/lacy texture on one of the elephants.

pond swamp#4 Slush | Diana Mini | Lucky CN 200
Where we encountered the magnificent black swans, which made a quick escape before I could get close enough to get a shot.

Girl smelling flower#5 Wake Up and Smell the… Frangipani | Diana Mini | Lucky CN 200
That’s a Frangipani right? Gee, it seems that I’m quite the flora guy after all.

Trees and branches#6 Twirly Whirly | Diana Mini | Lucky CN 200
The dense forested area was quite a surprise, with its cool surroundings and curious sights.

woman stare#7 Soft Stare | Diana F+ | B&W Lady Grey 400
Softened with 5% mush, 8% water, 14% sweat, 16% fatigue and 57% lack of focus.

double exposure portrait#8 Jekyll and Hyde | Diana F+ | B&W Lady Grey 400
The F+ is pretty nifty at double exposure. Either that or binbin got lucky.

Shadows on grass#9 A for Aww | Diana Mini | Lucky CN 200

#10 Trio | Diana Mini | Lucky CN 200
Aww.. Such a heartwarming scene…

Is it just me, or does anyone feel tempted to give those kids a little nudge? Nope? Okay, I guess it’s just me then.


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