It’s A Trap!

So there was this Groupon deal which comprised of a two way cable car ride to Sentosa, buffet at “Tastes of Singapore” and tickets to “Songs of the Sea”. All that at a fairly reasonable price. Me being the cheapskate that I am, thought, “Why not?” and unabashedly asked binbin if we can do that for her birthday.

For starters, the cable car ride was just… a cable car ride. Actually, more like a flying fox ride minus the excitement. Zippp… and… There, reached. That said, I rather much prefer a short ride with minimal queues than the Lantau Island one.

With quite some time to spare before “Songs of the Sea” (which is basically a short beachside musical/laser display), we head off to the restaurant which had the audacity to call itself “Tastes of Singapore”. I can’t claim to be a food connoisseur. On the contrary, I’ve been accused of having sub-standard expectations when it comes to food. But I can assure you none of the dishes tasted remotely like Singapore. Probably taste more like Singapore in Year 2114, when it is the aftermath of the Great Nuclear War and everyone just survives on freeze dried chicken rice or what not.

Don’t ever step foot in there. Just don’t. Not even if the Merlion becomes alive and threatens to bite off your head unless you patronize it. Okay, that’s the main point of my post done. “Songs of the Sea” was kinda corny but bearable because of the fireworks at the end. So yea don’t eat at the “Tastes of Singapore”. Don’t.

cable car lines#1 Zipzipzip | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Xpro Chrome 100
Whoa cool, cabl… Oh we’ve reached.

Singapore port#2 Singaport | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Xpro Chrome 100
Port. In Singapore. Singaport. Geddit?

self couple shot#3 SCS | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Xpro Chrome 100
Asked our imaginary tourist friend to take this picture of us.

Merlion among trees#4 Half King of The Jungle | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Xpro Chrome 100
Merlion is this mythical half lion-half fish creature that some folk came up with eons ago, that has somehow made its way onto luxurious fashion ties. Outrageous indeed.

Merlion close up#5 It’s Alive! | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Xpro Chrome 100
Remember. Not even if it threatens to bite off your head.

Dragon ornament display#6 Dragon Lights | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Xpro Chrome 100
A tacky display for the Year of the Dragon. But I gotta admit it’s quite finely assembled.

Songs of the Sea pyrotechnics#7 Boom Boom | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Xpro Chrome 100
The best shot I could get of the blazing pyrotechnics from the “Songs of the Sea”. Half my mind was occupied with reining in my impulse to knock seven shades out of the guy blocking my view while trying to record every minute of the show on his camera.

Songs of the Sea fireworks#8 Pow | LC-A+ RL | Lomo Xpro Chrome 100
The final flourish. Okay, the sound goes more like pew pew pewwww.


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