Old Airport Road on Superexpired B&W Film

Nope, it’s not a new brand of film. I’m referring to this Kodak T400N B&W film which expired in 2007. Yea, two-zero-zero-seven. A colleague who previously dabbled in film photography passed it down to me. Thank you Uncle David!

With an ancient film like this, I thought it will be appropriate to shoot at some beat-up, stuck-in-a-time-warp location. Old Airport Road has always struck me as such. I’ve passed by the area on a few occasions and always noticed a vintage playground (with sand!) peeking through the faded blocks of housing estates.

Playground#1 Concrete Crane | LC-A+ RL
The old playgrounds usually have a dragon facade as their main feature. I remember spending fun times at the one near my grandma’s place. However, this comes with a twist in the form of a crane.

girl on playground#2 Reminisce | LC-A+ RL
Look back and think about those moments that slipped away unknowingly. Gone too fast, too soon.

apartment flats#3 Run It Down | LC-A+ RL
Doesn’t look like it from here, but the state of the flats looked pretty rundown to say the least.

cat lying#4 Cow Cat | LC-A+ RL
Cow cat takes a afternoon siesta on her patch of concrete.

girl smiling in front of provision shop#5 Smile for Sale | LC-A+ RL
You could find the best stuff in these sort of provision shops. Tins of biscuits, colour jems, popsicles, lollipops, horlicks sweets and sng bao (tubes of colored ice).

interior of provision shop#6 Smooth Operator | LC-A+ RL
Taken from the perspective of the shop owner. I’ve dabbled with the thoughts of being a provision shop owner when I was young. Even went to the extent of role-playing as one during playtime.

cat licking#7 KittyLicks | LC-A+ RL
The kitty licked so hard that it destroyed the film. The force is strong on this one.

That’s all I captured on this film. Return for more of Old Airport Road on other films in my next post.

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