The Last of Old Airport Road

The last of the trilogy of my Old Airport Road shoot-about. This time in full glorious color brought to you by the Lomography X-pro Chrome 100 slide film. Feel free to check out part 1 and part 2.

old airport road housing estate#1 Old is Gold | LC-A+ RL
I’m no expert in architecture, but the look of the estate somehow reminds me of the public housing in communist countries. Tried sourcing the net for the inspiration behind its design and instead stumbled upon a gem of a blog, written about all the nostalgic stuffs of Singapore: Remember Singapore. Definitely a great read for those interested in knowing more about the olden days of Singapore.

old flats of Singapore#2 Towering | LC-A+ RL
Actually not that towering, considering it is about 8 storeys tall, tops. Balconies are a sweet feature though.

old rickety lift#3 Lift of Doom | LC-A+ RL
A ride on this lift beats the crap out of the Battlestar Gallatica roller-coaster ride at the Universal Studios Singapore. The thrill lies in the sudden and forceful jolt after the lift door closes menacingly on you and not knowing if the lift will ever make it to its intended level. Where’s the button you say? There, the little black button just below the two indicator slots to the right of the door.

corridor of old estate#4 Corridor of Gloom | LC-A+ RL
Looking at this picture just brought back the unsavory sensations I felt at that moment.

provision shop#5 Mama | LC-A+ RL
The provision shop aka Mama shop located at the ground level of another estate in the area. Check out some of the old school goodies for sale in those bulky biscuit tins. Colored gems FTW.

common corridor#6 Green Corridor | LC-A+ RL
That is how the level above the provision store looks like. A common corridor cramped with potted plants and shoe cabinets.

satellite dish#7 Imminent | LC-A+ RL
A small satellite dish that looks like it is not gonna be able to withstand the wrath of the impeding storm. That said, its reception is probably more reliable than Singtel’s Mio TV.

That is all I have for the Old Airport Road / Dakota estates. For those interested to drop by and have a look yourself, the nearest MRT station is the Dakota station on the Circle Line.


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