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Bali Brouhaha III: Sunsets of Tanah Lot

Here comes Part 3 of my recollections of Bali. Click on the links if you missed out on Part 1 and Part 2.

Tanah Lot has gotta be one of the must see sights of Bali, even with its massive crowd of tourists. The awesome sight of the sun setting right before you, it seems like nothing else really matters at all. That is until the mosquitoes start biting.

Tanah Lot lomo#1 Tanah Lot | LC-A+ RL | Fujichrome T64
As Tanah Lot is situated on a offshore rock, we couldn’t explore the temple proper with the tide rising.
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Bali Brouhaha II: Ubud

Continuing from where I left off in Part 1 of Bali Brouhaha, we were headed to Ubud for its famous Babi Guling! Although, our driver informed us that we could easily find better tasting Babi Guling from just about anywhere in Seminyak rather than this joint which mainly caters to tourists. But heck, we’re here so let’s just dig in.

And nope, I’m sorry to say that the only pic I have of the dish is this one from my phone.

It tasted kind of funky. Probably because of the overpowering smell of the pork. I used to scratch my head at friends who refused to eat pork because of its smell. Now I know what they mean.

After lunch, we took our time checking out the area which we so hastily left the day before.

Bali temple#1 Layers | LC-A+ RL | Fujichrome T64
Inside the premises of a temple in Central Ubud.
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Beginner’s Guide to Diana F+

This will not be a comprehensive guide covering everything about the Diana F+. But I thought it would be useful to do up a tutorial of sorts to give a head start to those who are new to it, especially with it being a 120mm camera.

I was stumped when I first got the Diana F+, cos I’ve only been fiddling with 35mm cameras all these while. Initial reactions include, “Where’s the film counter?”, “How do I load the film?”, “How far do I wind?”, etc.

Diana F+ (w/o flash)

Say hello to our main lead

So to save you guys and myself (lest I forget how to operate the camera) the trouble, here’s my humble and hopefully handy guide on the Diana F+. Read More…