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Pearl’s Hill B&W

Pearl’s Hill. Quite the name eh. But there aren’t any pearls to be found here. The hill was actually named after its previous owner, a big shot by the name of James Pearl who was king of the hill from 1822 to 1828.

I had been oblivious to the hill’s presence all these while until I started at my current job. You see, the company bus pickup point is located at the nearby Outram MRT station. Couldn’t help but noticed this odd shaped building at the foot of the hill whenever I exit the station. Therefore, I made a mental note to check out the the building and its surroundings someday.

So here it is, Pearl’s Hill on an ancient Kodak T400N B&W film from 2007. Pardon the fuzz and graininess.

Pearl Bank Apartments#1 Horseshoe House | LC-A+ RL
The one that caught my eye. Completed in 1976, it was named Building of the Year by Architecture Aficionados for 3 years running. Allegedly.
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Bali Brouhaha IV: Beachin’

Presenting, the absolute last of the Bali Brouhaha series. Click on Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 if you missed them previously.

We haven’t been on a proper beach throughout our trip and with it being one of the attractions of Bali, we sure as hell couldn’t give it a miss. Faced with so many choices coupled with our indecision, we took the easy way out and got the driver to send us to the nearest beach.

We alighted at Ku De Ta Beach Club, which is supposedly the place to be in Bali, especially if you like to partayy. But nope, no party for us as parties even of the Ku De Ta kind don’t start at 11am. Made the short walk across the compound to be greeted by these fabulous sights.

Bali Beach#1 Bitchin’ | Superheadz UWS | Kodak Elitechrome 200
As in awesome or great, even though we had to pay to rent one of the beach beds for an hour. Yep, nothing comes for free. However, I can’t recall how much we paid. But I did made a feeble attempt to haggle and succeed! Haha, cheap thrill.
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