Pearl’s Hill B&W

Pearl’s Hill. Quite the name eh. But there aren’t any pearls to be found here. The hill was actually named after its previous owner, a big shot by the name of James Pearl who was king of the hill from 1822 to 1828.

I had been oblivious to the hill’s presence all these while until I started at my current job. You see, the company bus pickup point is located at the nearby Outram MRT station. Couldn’t help but noticed this odd shaped building at the foot of the hill whenever I exit the station. Therefore, I made a mental note to check out the the building and its surroundings someday.

So here it is, Pearl’s Hill on an ancient Kodak T400N B&W film from 2007. Pardon the fuzz and graininess.

Pearl Bank Apartments#1 Horseshoe House | LC-A+ RL
The one that caught my eye. Completed in 1976, it was named Building of the Year by Architecture Aficionados for 3 years running. Allegedly.

Turns out it was a private building, so there was no way I could have explored its interior without trespassing. Nor do I wanna risk asking the tenants or the guards to let me in and have accusatory glares directed my way. Moving on, we begin the ascent up the hill.

girl on stairs#2 Stairs Keeper | LC-A+ RL
It’s quite a breeze up the hill but I couldn’t help but sweat a teeny bit. And that’s binbin trying to look her bestest despite countless mosquito bites.

Pearl's Hill Reservoir#3 Thou Shall Not Pass x 2 | LC-A+ RL
At the top of the hill was the Pearl’s Hill Reservoir which was double fenced and equipped with CCTV cameras and what not. Go on conspiracy theorists, have your best shot.

exterior of Pearl's Hill Reservoir#4 Fortitude | LC-A+ RL
Barred entry for the 2nd time in a day, we consoled ourselves by circling the exterior of the reservoir, admiring classic graffiti such as “16-2-12” and “Jane was here”.

We were also wondering about the state of the reservoir, whether it was dried up or still serviceable. Turns out it is still “the main source of fresh water supply to Chinatown today” from an online source.

greens, bushes and scrubs#5 Invisible Dancing Fairies | LC-A+ RL
Put a few cardboard cutout of fairies dancing around and this will make quite the Cottingley Fairies spoof..

apartment backyard#6 Backyard in a Foreign Land | LC-A+ RL
Hidden from view and stuck between the hill and an apartment block, lies the yard that looked awkwardly out of place.


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