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Light ‘Em Up

Finally back with some long overdue shots. To be specific, night shots with my LCA+ RL on the Lomo Xpro Chrome 100.

The location was quite a well kept secret. I think? But I’m gonna share it with you guys anyway cos that’s just the way I roll.

At 5 bucks a pop, you can enter Universal Studios Singapore on either Friday or Saturday for an electrifying fireworks display at 9pm. If I remembered correctly, the tickets go on sale from 6 or 6.30pm onwards at the counters located outside the entrance.

It’s definitely a far cry to USS in the day, with the cool night breeze and lit up attractions. Not to mention the thin crowds (that is until the fireworks show) that made USS so much more enjoyable to explore.

Sentosa Boardwalk#1 Follow the Light
Wished I could say we took this on our way in, but I actually took this on our way out along Sentosa Boardwalk. Nice ambience for a chillout night.
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