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Home Scans vs Lab Scans

I’ve purchased a flatbed scanner awhile back in order to scan my developed negatives at a higher resolution. In this way, I can upload some of my better shots on to redbubble to be sold in the form of prints or posters.

After my initial scans, I’ve come to realise a thing or two that I will like to share with those who are looking into using flatbeds for scanning their films. Hopefully, it will help in your decision making and give you a better picture of what to expect from your home scans.

1. Your home scans will definitely be different from your lab scans
There is a reason why this photo labs are called professional. That is because their scanners are top of the range, easily costing 100 times more than a flatbed scanner. Of course the results are going to be different.

Machine aside, man also plays a part. The technician has a certain perception and may correct the shot as he deems fit.

Personally, I was abit bummed out after scanning a cross processed negative. It looked nothing like the lab scans. To be honest, it looked plain and unappealing. It was like a blow to my balls after seeing the result. Then came the next struggle… Read More…


The Lost Films: Bangkok B&W Part 2

As promised, here I am with Part Deux of my Bangkok black & white series.

Once again, all the photos were taken with my LC-A+ RL on Lomography Earl Grey ISO 100 film. Check out Part 1 over here.

cars in bangkok#1 Face Your Fears
That is if you’re suffering from motorphobia. Or worried that the light turns red too soon and you’ll end up squashed like how Wile E. Coyote always does when a heavy object lands on him.
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The Lost Films: Bangkok B&W Part 1

I didn’t literally lose the film. Just neglected to upload it onto the blog. Only realised I had these babies lying somewhere after a random browse of my Facebook photos. Definitely a strong case of negligence here, considering the trip was way back in July. Yikes!

Been to Bangkok a few times during my carefree Uni days but haven’t had the chance to lap up the low cost shopping, massage and delicacies since work started. Until now. Whee!

All photos taken with my LC-A+ RL on Lomography Earl Grey ISO 100 film.

airplane wing#1 Winging It
Actually more like shitting it. Especially during takeoff and landing. Prettyyyy sure I’m not the only one. Right?
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