The Lost Films: Bangkok B&W Part 1

I didn’t literally lose the film. Just neglected to upload it onto the blog. Only realised I had these babies lying somewhere after a random browse of my Facebook photos. Definitely a strong case of negligence here, considering the trip was way back in July. Yikes!

Been to Bangkok a few times during my carefree Uni days but haven’t had the chance to lap up the low cost shopping, massage and delicacies since work started. Until now. Whee!

All photos taken with my LC-A+ RL on Lomography Earl Grey ISO 100 film.

airplane wing#1 Winging It
Actually more like shitting it. Especially during takeoff and landing. Prettyyyy sure I’m not the only one. Right?

electrical cables#2 Telephonic Invasion
A familiar and strangely comforting sight for those used to the chaos of Bangkok. Oh and 10 points for whoever gets the song I’m referencing in the title.

hawker with cart#3 Top Gear: Bangkok
Bossing the streets of Bangkok the only way he knows.

tuk tuk skyline mx shot#4 Tuk Me to the Skies
Vroom vroom! A double exposure shot of a tuk-tuk and the tallest building in Thailand – Baiyoke Sky Hotel.

man walking along food street#5 Gangsta’
“As he struts down the street, all the hawkers bowed their heads in fear, hell bent on avoiding any eye contact..”

streets of Bangkok at night#6 Take Me Away. Fast.
Hold on tight and race away.

friends smooching#7 Love You Long Time
Well, I don’t have a really good reason for that title. My mind has somehow associated this phrase with Thailand without any logical explanation.

Okay, my intensive research has yielded references such as the movie Full Metal Jacket and the Me So Horny song (yes, that’s the song title. Suddenly, Bieber doesn’t seem that bad afterall) which popularized the phrase. My question though, is it considered offensive for me as an Asian to say it?

drinking#8 Buy Drink. Drink Drink.
You can always expect a few days of blazing heat in The Land of Smiles. So drink up kids.

group shot#9 Strangers & Friends
My attempt of an overhead shot of the guys while having a toilet break. Quite the fail I must say.

magazine stand#10 Browser
Plenty of reading materials. That is if you know Thai..

That’s end of part uno. Part 2 will be up shortly. Promise!


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