The Lost Films: Bangkok B&W Part 2

As promised, here I am with Part Deux of my Bangkok black & white series.

Once again, all the photos were taken with my LC-A+ RL on Lomography Earl Grey ISO 100 film. Check out Part 1 over here.

cars in bangkok#1 Face Your Fears
That is if you’re suffering from motorphobia. Or worried that the light turns red too soon and you’ll end up squashed like how Wile E. Coyote always does when a heavy object lands on him.

Erawan Shrine in Bangkok#2 Ants on Fire
Always wanted to be an ant? You will just have to settle for the next best thing – an ant’s view. Pretty sure it will be kind of a bummer being an ant in this heat.

By the way, this was at Erawan Shrine which is near Chitlom station. I’ve always visited it on my Bangkok trips, but never knew its name until a quick google search just now.

friends melting in the heat#3 Serious Sams
Seems like you don’t need to be an ant to feel the heat. Just look at those scrunched up faces.

tower with coca cola advert#4 Coke Tower
The things I’ll do to dunk into a cola bottle of that size.

man walking along food street#5 I Spy With My Birdy Eye
Switching it up, here come a bird’s eye view from a electric pillar.

Bangkok night market#6 Sleep Shopping
Might not seems like it but this is the night market we visited in Bangkok, known as Saphanput. And there we were, shopping while we should be sleeping.

bargain in night market#7 Shopper’s Creed
Thou shall bargain relentlessly even though I’m absolutely drained after a helluva day and it’s 1am already.

on the cab to Bangkok airport#8 Homeward Bound
Home bound, safe and sound, with no car accident whatever so. Can’t say the same for the other cab though. Yikes.

airport roof#9 Airport Rule
While bored out of your skulls when your flight is delayed, tilt your head up and shoot the roof.

That’s all folks!


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