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LomoTravels: Gorging Ourselves in Ipoh + Penang

A trip made possible by our dear friend, Darwin who as a proud Ipohian (or Ipohnese?) finally got the chance to show us the glory of his hometown. Actually, we just nagged him into submission and tagged along on one of his trips back home.

Inside Ipoh's limestone caves#1 Cavemen (and Women) | LC-A+ RL | Lomography RedScale
Presenting the traveling party sans me.
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My Analogue Guide to Taking Double Exposures

Multiple exposure is the capturing of multiple images on a single frame such that the images overlap one another, creating an out of the world image. As such a double exposure would involve the overlapping of 2 images.

Of course, the multiple exposure effect can be easily achieved with Photoshop. But what I’m going to touch on is achieving it through your analogue film cameras.
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